Cameroon Peace Strategy Vol 2

Cameroon has problems and Cameroonians are a problem to themselves. The products of the activities of the minority is what is affecting the majority.

The very system established to enhance the society has become a destructive mechanism. These futures of destruction are embedded in the human psychological footprint across all nations and can be seen across the history of mankind. We can only manage this destructive forces but coming up with a vaccine against evil is like the quest to understanding the meaning of death or what happens after death.

What does the history teaches us about human behaviour and the cycle of human attitudes? Without an understanding of human psychology and the history of human behaviour over the centuries, we might create more problems in the name of addressing simple problems.

I want each an every Cameroonians, not to talk and engage in political matters because they feel things are not going their way. Not to support an agenda simply because it seems to be in their favour, not to support any one party, group or persons because of popular opinions, not to criticise because they feel it is against their views, not to present a confirmation bias agenda to gain popularity, not to insult because it seems bad to their views etc but to ask themselves one key question: what will you do different that will be counter productive and bring lasting peace without creating another problem and HOW?

Yes it is wrong, the current government might have had it all wrong but what is generally right that can be acceptable by your neighbour and the world?

Anchorage through propaganda will never be counter productive. Insulting the fabric of a society can’t address the very fabric against limited resources.

I’m glad to be a rational speaker who does not just argue for or against but acknowledge the core and central problem.

In Cameroon, the core and central problem is us and that us can only be addressed through education using that human psychological and the history of human behaviour throughout the centuries to understand the WHY a human behaviour can affect another human to understand the HOW to handle this critical moment of our history as Cameroonians.

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