Cameroon Violence Vs Road morality (Genocide)

I am baffled yet intrigued seeing Cameroonians singing genocide and protesting against genocide, advocating for violence and crying for help.

The reality on the ground is different. The death toll along Dla- Yde road just in the first 2 weeks of this month of July is more than the numbers consumed by violence in the NW & SW in the last 3months.

When you add Bda Dla and Bda Yde road, the death toll in a month is more than those killed through violence in 6months.

I want to ask Cameroonians home and abroad crying genocide against humanity if the mortality rate on our roads is an act of genocide? Does the road kills, or we are killing our selves in denial? Why are you not protesting against the biggest killer of the innocent?

In Cameroon today, the road and vehicle are the biggest killers next to hospitals and public health. Sub standard Education is the worse form of psychological death.

Ministry of transport, education, public health etc pay attention to this information.

p. Claudius

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