Addressing The Real Genocide in Cameroon

Let me reiterate what I have been saying, Cameroon has a small problem or problems amplified by pockets of people and or groups to gain firm or power or to enrich themselves.

Secondly, we need nothing but revised the government power and the culture.

The very system set in place to enhance the country, the health of the nation had become a mechanism of destruction. We need an inquiry to understand HOW and WHY.

To achieve this miracle, 10yrs period is needed starting from;

1 A whole overhaul of the education system and tailor it in response to the needs of the world of Cameroonians first then the international community.

Through a consultation, I want Cameroonians to address whether the school system and education is there to aid Cameroonians understand their society and the world and work effectively with the limited resources or to understand the text books and draw illusion conclusions about themselves and their society?

10yrs is the period a child takes to reach a decent stage of information assimilation in the education system.

2: A general Overhaul of the ministry of transportation. A consultation period to see an effective limited liability insurance for all involved in public transport. I want Cameroonians to examine the role and function of the transport system and how we Cameroonians can adapt to enhance the safety of the entire nation? We have to work from the bases that we have no road bad drivers a bad culture in the sector. All companies or individuals involved in the transport sector needs health and safety certificates and a protocol. We need a consultation period knowing well of fraud and how to minimise it with tougher impunity when lives are put at risk.

3 Overhaul of the health system looking for a period of consultation. We need to address a key issue, what is the role of the health system and the health and safety workers in our society? We need to revise the code of practice for health workers examine the infrastructure, wages and clean the land from street doctors and street health providers through tougher policies to ensue they are fit for purpose.

This change is imminent and should be expanded to the whole system.

Stay tune

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