Thé Reason Ambazonia Failed for Ever explained to the world addressing the complex nature of African politics

African politics is above all still tribal to ideology.

You can look from North Africa to South Africa, Africans are still to come of age to support politics based on ideology over tribes.

Leaders might pretend to shadow the validity of this statement but it is clear cut. Look at your support based to see if their overwhelming support Is ideologically based or tribally based? The slave trade thrived on such divisions, the colonial era, the failure of Africans abroad today. The failure of Cameroonians today at home and abroad etc Ambazonia failed before even starting by attempting to use a foreign identity (English) to unite a diverse community over an ideology.
Today, the highest resistance is again along tribal lines over ideology.

In Cameroon Kamto is an example, President Biya is an example, Ambazonia is another.

Ambazonia, for example is believed to be fighting the very statement but you don’t need to use lenses to see that the support base is tribal over ideology hence the end result will be the latter.

A true ordained African leader most be one who is willing to sacrifice him herself first, sacrifice his own tribal support to the support of his nation. That support has only been seen once from Mandela who came of age to see humanity not a tribe or a group of people.

That leader must be born with an ideology of the nation not the tribes or the people.

Ambazonia has suddenly become the latter fighting herself instead of demonstrating the meaning of the right alternative.

We Africans are a problem to Africans.


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