Cameroon News Update

There are problems in Cameroon and people of the south west and north west region are affected. Anglophone’s problems is a narrow narrative, strategy by SCNC to gain firm and recognition that is baseless.

The people calling themselves anglophones are the very people inciting violence systematic killings behind curtains.

Some will disagree but ask yourselves one question.

Why are you so called Amba people reluctant to preach peace and excited when your arm separatist creat havoc?

There is no evidence to justify what the so called anglophones are fighting for. It is a factual fight base on myths. Above all, who is not an anglophone in Cameroon today? Who is that person marginalising the anglophones? Is it Cameroon?

Let the so called Amba people crying genocide by the military people come out and denounce violence and arm conflict to proof their credentials and to show the world they are genuine?

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