Cameroon Politics, Mr Biya & the future of Cameroon.

At this state and stage, Mr Biya should look for a neutral person outside of his political cycle and guide him/her behind close curtains to lead Cameroon to the future after his reign.

Power mongers everywhere seeking their interest over the interest of Cameroon. We need an impartial, honourable, keen, enthusiastic person full of humour and displaying a good sound understanding of human psychological as well as physical needs of Cameroonians to lead Cameroon today.

A charismatic honest leader.

Bunkum politicians are not what Cameroon need today.

We can criticise Mr Biya’s reign but believe me, many will use Biya as a model for future leadership. Can anyone criticise Mr Biya on democratic terms? Come forward with your credits. I am not a fan or an advocate but an honourable just impartial Cameroonian.

Any attempts to fight Biya on democratic terms will find themselves fighting democracy itself. Try it if you doubt me

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