Ambazonia News Update. How did Ambazonia got us here?

This Amba movement has proven that despite all our years of education, most of us degree holders are educated illiterate. What is the evidence behind this Amba movement that we have fallen victims of today? What is your rational for supporting a self destruction agenda? Are bush fallers gods or more intelligent?

It is a shame, despite all the technology of the modern age, we are still very naive about the world we are living in. Worse of all do not even know our own identity. If your identity is anglophone then you merit a medal for stupidity

From a promise of independence restoration in 2 weeks, to independence declaration to fighting for independence, to begging for foreign intervention in just 3yrs? Crocodile tears

From the protectorate of the so called anglophones to the persecutors of anglophone within a 3yrs period.

From a promise of milk and honey to a total economic desecration in just 3yrs.

From a bad situation to the worse position in our history.

From fighting for independence to resigning to federation within themselves.

Yet some still have faith in the chaotic association called ambazonia.

The biggest question is still to be fully understood and the ramification exposed to those still singing free our leaders from Kondengui; on whose advice and what evidence did Sisiku & co declare a worthless war on Cameroon?

Today, the chief architect are even scared of their own making and won’t set foot in their own country. What a shamble

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