Dialogue an opportunity to address the colonial era or Hinderance to Cameroon progress.

Every country in Africa has had an opportunity to address her colonial past. It is always an opportunity to address and explore opportunities to enhance that country to the future.

Cameroon’s opportunity has come but many Cameroonians are failing Cameroon. The so called anglophone crisis is over shadowing real issues in Cameroon. It should be called National Dialogue owing to the fact that it is Cameroon’s society being examined.

The backbone to this crisis is embedded in the colonial issues that warrant serious scrutiny from every department.

To address Cameroon, we should revolutionised the workings of the government and power. However, to turn Cameroon to reflect the 21st century, we must revolutionise our cultures.

It must be said and as exposed by this crisis, many of our problems are us the people living in denial.

English is a language that originated from s dialect. Pidgin English is not English but another language derived from English.

That may sound odd today but our future is heading that way.

Politically, we can see a clear example of where modernisation is needed. The post of the PM and the current rotation policy between the NW and the SW. In my rational mind, this should be scrapped giving any future government an opportunity to form an independent government of Cameroonians subject to guidelines and adhering to our societal nature. We are Cameroonians today not anglophones and francophones.

This is my rational. Should a leader appease the electorates? If you think the contrary, does it mean the leader must be from the colonial French speaker section and the PM from the English-speaking section? What happens when the electorates vote a leader from the English-speaking section, how will he/she nominate and rotate the PM?

Above all, given the nature of our politics, do we need the post of the PM?

PMs should have the autonomy to set their own task force within certain policies that reflect Cameroon Society just like the leader. If we truly like our PM position, is it time he or she becomes the leader of the political spectrum and the president the overseer of the whole nation’s affairs?

We can can look from the political sector to the educational sector to health and well-being to infrastructure to the economy and taxation etc we will see challenges and flaws presented today that if amendment can be counterproductive to the benefit of all.

This is an opportunity for Cameroonians to acknowledge the past and address it to reflect a better future for mankind.img_3377-2

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