Ambazonia Nation.

‪I am not perfect but the limited edition. I will not insult what I can not demonstrate the contrary in practice. I will not talk against what is right but focus on the wrongs, Politically, morally and rationally

How can people deliberately stop their own children from education then go around crying for help?

How can people send their children to school abroad and in safe town but come on social media preaching NO School, ghost town? B3D2ECF1-E027-4F5A-A9C4-8C6CADF60DBC

How can people deliberately and knowingly pickup arms declare a war then go around crying genocide?img_0227

How can people deliberately chase their own brothers out of their home then go around preaching refugees crisis?

How can people know that the modern judicial system requires the civil law but go around crying for civil law?C8DE97A3-6ECD-46DB-8329-CF5253CA4B88

How can people be crying against the desecration of the society but burning it to the ground deliberately?

Amba people so called are the only people in this world who think by picking up arms, they are demands are more important in this world and the international community should sympathies them for no rational reason except it WAS, we want # #amba

The honest truth is, Amba is guided by sentiment not rational decisions. They have found themselves in a no mans’ land but want the people to bow down to them instead of acknowledging that the devil is at work.

You can’t be preaching against democracy by practicing dictatorship and autocratic rule.

You can be preaching freedom of speech but holding people in captivity.

You can’t be criticising a government but behaving far force than the government.

You can’t be preaching against inequality but creating the biggest unequal society ever.

You can’t be preaching against marginalisation by marginalising even people who have different views to you.

You can’t be preaching against the military but inviting them and behaving worse than the military

Those who question in 2016 were gun down, terrorised, called black legs.
When you question the actions, you are immediately silent with intimidation. You armed people in the name of protecting people from nobody except they military you went back to invite. Today, you are terrorising and victimising the very people you once’s promised to protect. Today the very people who were groomed and brainwashed to believe your propaganda are running for safety from you in denial.
Today, the very people are afraid of you and repercussions for talking against you when you promised them freedom of speech modern democracy, the best societal equality never seen before.

It is all but true that there are problems in Cameroon affecting you but any other Cameroonians is affected equally.

The notion that Ambazonia can be a country is all an illusion for amba is a Bush faller name that they want to impose and make it an identity after their intellectual ability fall short to acknowledge that anglophone is to do with a language. Amba has no power of autonomy to represent any Cameroonian nor has any Cameroonian ever democratically decided to opt for what you stand for. image

This IT WAS is just nostalgia that does not underpin any democratic principles.

God guide your people but by nature, Satan has already captured the heart of many souls. 320D18E8-D26C-40C4-8691-C2CF95AF6A18


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