Problems Facing The People of the NW & SW ( Anglophones) as we head towards dialogue.

Sisiku & co said, we are not Cameroonians. Tapang Ivo on his website, it is clearly written, on self made exil. Tataw is not a Cameroonian Mark Bareta is not a Cameroonian National etc who is the Cameroonian leader you are calling your leader in a Cameroonian internal matter? Wirba is in London seeking citizenship.

False Presentation is the biggest obstacle affecting all anglophones. Refusal to acknowledge and address the truth we all know because of fear.

Whether you are a separatist or not, we have an internal problem. The fear to speak the honest truth on the ground or on social media. The belief in expectations without any base upon which to justify the demands. The belief in degrees, status etc but the failure to use the status and or degree to analysis and defend our position. img_1399-1

The fear of repercussions against standing for what is right. Almost all anglophones are aware that they have been misguided but only a handful are willing to risk and accept the consequences of speaking truth.

On the ground, the people are complying not because they like or support Amba but because of fear of the unknown and death in the hands of those who spoke of an ideal nation.

On social media, you are targeted and your account blocked just for questioning the Amba propagandist machine. There is a group of Amba diaspora and home ground brainwashed citizens whose job is out to target anyone who is not conforming.

This is a serious matter for all anglophones today or tomorrow.

We should all acknowledge some facts, we advocated for force, we insulted dialogue, we armed the Amba people, we declared the war. We are running from our own creativity in denial. We created the refugee crisis. Hundreds are in Yde and Dla where they will speak French by force in the name of running from the military. Is the military in Dla and Yde different?

The lawyer problem has nothing to do with the good of the society. They were fighting for their pockets. Diaspora were already planning to wage a war in Cameroon against Biya’s longevity in power. SCNC were already in existence fighting for their segregation agenda with lies. Today, they are using you the ordinary man to wage their frustration. You should know with facts that those in the diaspora are 90% none Cameroonians and those SCNC people are people whose families are part of the diaspora hence who will pay the price for being on the happy bandwagon?
These are the facts;

The NO school agenda is a clear example.
The SCNC agenda had failed to convince the international community hence is all propaganda.
Diaspora are using this crisis as a lucrative opportunity.
Arms and Wirba resist agenda has failed and the people are today held captive by Wirba’s people.
The court in London saw no feasibility in your quest hence who is fooling who here.

If we the very anglophones are willing to refuse and force people to accept false information, knowingly it won’t stand any chance of debate, what are we creating?

What can you present at dialogue that has not failed to materialise already?
You did not capture a metre of land or put demands at the stage of strength, where in this world do people shout at a point of weakness? Bear in mind and according to the SCNC agenda, you have been prepared and fighting for this opportunity for 56yrs but see what is going on. The clergymen of our society have presented a 400 page dialogue proposal, is it an SCNC agenda or your agenda or a church agenda? How and when did they undertook the consultation to deliberate on the 400 pages? The truth is simple, even an Amba nation can never deliver on her own propaganda.


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