A polite Massage to all Amba loyalist.

We are not anglophones or Amba people but Cameroonians who come from the English speaking zone.

We want to inform all of you who are anti peace and dialogue that if you really know what you think and you are preaching, come to the table of dialogue and demonstrate it.
You have failed internationally, you have failed internally hence stop derailing real matters with propaganda or attention seeking.

We are fed up of your lies and we want you to come forward and proof us wrong.
We are calling on an immediate ceasefire from the date of dialogue until all of you come from Europe and the USA pickup arms and demonstrate what you know that we don’t know.

There was dialogue and there is dialogue again. Your excuses are embedded in your imagination of reality and we want you to demonstrate that reality.

We want to highlight the fact that nobody has any mandate to represent any body in the name of anglophone. Until that is established, dialogue is open to every Cameroonian who has the means to attend and voice their problems. It is not dialogue for Ambazonia or southern Cameroon.

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