The Mystery of Atanga Nji and the Melancholy Ambazonia Fanatics

It must be said, the appointment of Atanga Nji and some other English-speaking ministers came as one of the demands made by the anglophones in 2016.

From a rational perspective, it can be said this is one of the most controversial appointments of the recent decade but one of the best.

If it was a French speaker in this position in the current atmosphere, extremist will use his duties as marginalisation of anglophones to instigate baseless hatred.

I am happy it is not the case, and he is an anglophone doing his job and in this current atmosphere, excuses are never hidden. Any barbaric actions of the separatist are blamed on Atanga Nji’s men. When proven wrong, the next excuses are black legs or traitors. That means with all this barbaric actions in the English-speaking section, Amba rebels are pure. Let the true nature of the crimes speak for themselves. Ekema is not different and the people who thought his actions were bad can define bad today.

Whether Atanga Nji is against the anglophones is not subject of this debate but the most important question is; is he doing his job as a minister of territorial administration?

If people are willing to accept barbaric actions against fellow human beings and defend their actions in the name of Atanga Nji’s men, black legs and traitors, who are we to judge Atanga Nji beyond his job description.

We want more minister like Atanga Nji.

Two years he sparked the biggest controversy against anglophones when he openly said,
There is NO Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Two years on, who among all anglophones preaching anglophone’s problem can prove him wrong by defining the anglophone problem that is unique to the people speaking English alone in Cameroon?

Today, the very group who instigated hatred against their anglophones because they are against their views have travel the world and failed in their attemp to define the so called anglophone problems.

In this perspective, do we hate Atanga Nji, Ekema etc because their views are contrary to your opinion or because they are not doing their jobs rationally?

I may not like these group of talented anglophones but I truly believe they know their jobs and are doing their best to execute it effectively5DEDEB17-6638-4FE7-BCD4-0490F53F9CB7.jpeg

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