Who are the People Sabotaging The Struggle.

To answer this question and identify those sabotaging the struggle, we must address certain factors; What are you fighting for and how? It must be said, good leadership is above all the protection of your people. Why in our case, leaders go crying genocide but telling us to fight to the last and not taking… Continue reading Who are the People Sabotaging The Struggle.

Ambazonia Analysis

It is but rational to see some people reinforcing their believes in Ambazonia and forcing other through all means to join in their quest for independence. We are fully aware of their reason which are often associated with freedom from being treated like second class citizens. We must acknowledge this psychological perception and work together… Continue reading Ambazonia Analysis


The reason I called some ambafools If you are still enjoying the Amba Romance after 3yrs, I will frustrate you to become big Ambafool or start to think better. You are always Winning on social media but the people you picked up arms to protect are running for safety to Dla and Yde. Does this… Continue reading Ambazoniamadness

The Mystery of Ambafools

Who are the real leaders of this evolution to violence? Who are the bush fallers sponsoring the violence? Who are the loyal supporters on a band wagon. Are people obeying for fear of repercussions or because they are loyal followers? We patriots distant ourselves from this confusion but it is mind blowing that apart of… Continue reading The Mystery of Ambafools

The Case For Swiss Mediators to the Ambazonia crisis

It is mind blowing but we respect opinion and analysis it to determine it merit and applicability. A greater number of Amba loyalist insulted the dialogue process calling for a Swiss mediated dialogue approach. It is rational and would acknowledging their concerns. You are right but you need to address and appreciate important points of… Continue reading The Case For Swiss Mediators to the Ambazonia crisis

Ambazonia Dullness Test for All Cameroonians

Ambazonia Dullness Test for All Cameroonians There are two simple questions to determine whether an Amba is fit for a civil political debate and to understand the nature of their radicalisation. We don’t want to be interacting with people who carry knives ready to behead civilised man. 1 Why does Amba torture and behead people… Continue reading Ambazonia Dullness Test for All Cameroonians

The Reason Ambazonia is An Awkward Association

Amba is the biggest confusing organisation I have ever come across. The sheep can learn quicker than an Amba. Doubt me this is the case. The perception of anglophone treatment as second class mostly exist in Yde. Yde is the heart of Cameroon and worse of all the current seed of power. This is more… Continue reading The Reason Ambazonia is An Awkward Association

The Reason I Disagree with The Anglophone Marginalisation Issue

It is baffling yet intriguing seeing a bunch of educated people reinforcing their brains and radicalising many to assume an ambiguous identity. It can be said, all Africans who speak English are anglophones. Why only you, from Cameroon who speaks English believe in an anglophone identity? In Cameroon today, many still go around identifying themselves… Continue reading The Reason I Disagree with The Anglophone Marginalisation Issue

Ambazonia Ceasefire Declaration

The honest rational people of the NW and SW of Cameroon, today marks 3yrs of violence, desecration human suffrage but no achievements it will be of great importance if we can uphold the current strategy examine and evaluate it merit. It will be of great success if we can adhere to not what seems correct… Continue reading Ambazonia Ceasefire Declaration

When is Ambazonia Independence?

Ambazonia indépendance It all started with confusion and it can only end with frustration. We want the common law. An act of stupidity We are English. An act of stupidity and illiteracy We are anglophones, educated illiterate Our history this and that. Illiteracy We want two state federal system. Nostalgia bunkum politics We are marginalised… Continue reading When is Ambazonia Independence?

Ambazonia Confusion Called Revolution.

It is no surprise many Amba loyal supporters are aware that the independence declaration was fake and the need for a revolution is the way forward. It must be heartbreaking but I want to ask all Amba loyalist, if in the history of mankind, any body has ever declared himself winner of a contest and… Continue reading Ambazonia Confusion Called Revolution.

Ambazonia The Self Indued Time Bomb

Why is Ambazonia suppressing relevant information to youths today? Undisputed facts: Ambazonia is a group fighting for autonomous state status but you have already declared such status HOW? Ambazonia is fighting for independence but independence has been celebrated twice HOW? Ambazonia came in as guardians of the truth but today you are fighting the truth… Continue reading Ambazonia The Self Indued Time Bomb

Operation Deradicalisation In Cameroon launch in the U.K.

Join The Pas Claudius Match. Say NO to violence and radicalisation of our youths, Say No to Ideologies fuelling violence. Once upon a time, we were fooled to embrace violence and it shall be up to us to stamp out violence. Running to Douala and Yaoundé is no solution to the fire burning our society.… Continue reading Operation Deradicalisation In Cameroon launch in the U.K.

Why are Cameroonians (Africans)Dying at Sea

The death of any Cameroonian should not be used for a propaganda agenda by Ambazonia propagandist and bush fallers. To answer such a complex question, It will be good if those who are living out of their place of birth can address to themselves why they migrated? Let the truth be spoken. Let Cameroonians seeking… Continue reading Why are Cameroonians (Africans)Dying at Sea

The Cameroon Cultural Revolution Campaign

If we can talk, we should be able to listen. If we can listen we will be able to understand the reality affecting us If we can understand we will be able to acknowledge and adjust for our own benefit. Cameroon has entered the stage of confusion fuelled by internal frustration. This has given birth… Continue reading The Cameroon Cultural Revolution Campaign

Faire face à l’hystérie du fédéralisme au Cameroun

I Pas Claudius, le père du patriotisme moderne, veut que nous soyons vraiment curieux. Si les Camerounais ne sont pas la solution miracle à la croissance de la société mais le système du fédéralisme, le meilleur exemple du fédéralisme en pratique devrait être vos villages et non la société occidentale. Nous, les Camerounais, ce que… Continue reading Faire face à l’hystérie du fédéralisme au Cameroun

Addressing Federalism Hysteria in Cameroon

I Pas Claudius, the father of modern patriotism wants us to be really curious. If Cameroonians are not the magic bullet to societal growth but federalism a system, then the golden example of federalism in practice should be your villages not the western society. We Cameroonians, we so called anglophones are a church goer society… Continue reading Addressing Federalism Hysteria in Cameroon

Ambazonia Independece Route Map.

When a well fed baby is crying for no clear reason, It is human nature, that people will come to her aid. Don’t cry again ok! Tell them you need better food and see how many will be left standing. There are frustrated people in Europe with eyes on ministerial jobs and there are frustrated… Continue reading Ambazonia Independece Route Map.

NO Independence Ambazonia.The fall of confusion, frustration & desperation

Remember the famous quote; Anglophones are failing because they are looking for an anglophone solution in a Cameroon problem rather to a Cameroonian solution to a Cameroon problem (Pas Claudius 2016) Cameroon is bigger than all of you but smaller than all Cameroonians. No federal system or independence. Picking up arms will deliver anything but… Continue reading NO Independence Ambazonia.The fall of confusion, frustration & desperation

Ambazonia indépendance hysteria

Ambazonia indépendance hysteria Quand ce groupe de personnes va-t-il arrêter de discréditer les Noirs et l’Afrique dans son ensemble? Les chasseurs de brousse Amba aux Etats-Unis incitant à la violence, je me demande vraiment si vous croyez vraiment en votre indépendance? Lorsque les États-Unis, votre pays, comme toute autre nation souveraine, célèbre son indépendance, ils… Continue reading Ambazonia indépendance hysteria