Ambazonia Dullness Test for All Cameroonians

Ambazonia Dullness Test for All Cameroonians

There are two simple questions to determine whether an Amba is fit for a civil political debate and to understand the nature of their radicalisation. We don’t want to be interacting with people who carry knives ready to behead civilised man.

1 Why does Amba torture and behead people

2 Can a person be against Ambazonia but does not support the regime in place?

If the answer to question 1,
is blacklegs, traitor or anything inline with any disagreement with Amba ideology, you have one simple option, stop and don’t continue with any political debates. You will be safer leaving the Amba to seek a preacher’s site like Mark & Tapang to enjoy self political romance entertainment.

You are dealing with barbarians who can behead you just because of your rational views. These are educated people who attended education to pass exams and not to gain the knowledge required to mingle effectively with civilised men. Some are Doctors but be careful they are always diagnosing by the book. Some are teachers of English but be careful, they don’t know the meaning of their own literature. They are the biggest blow to any economy and the biggest unemployed population for they don’t have the knowledge to transfer skills. They are sometimes referred to as the quoters because they will use their degrees and ability to read and brainstorm to cite pages in the Old Testament without opening the bible. To drill knowledge in them, ask them to interpret their preaching and stories with evidence?

It is a simple test with deep consequences that go deep into the roots of the current crisis.

Question 2, reflects the current perception among Amba loyalist that any critics against Amba is support for the state.

Thèse 2 question should determine whether the person is fit to enter a sane civil political arena.

The reason I called some ambafools

If you are still enjoying the Amba Romance after 3yrs, I will frustrate you to become big Ambafool or start to think better.

None of your leader is able to come out and face their critics. None can come out and defend their ideology, legally, politically and morally not to talk of showing an understanding of the consequences.

Only in Ambazonia do we see Ambafools trying to defend leaders who are unable to defend themselves.

How can you believe someone who is unable to define their own preaching to an extend of trying to defend their preaching. Is it because the music sound nice and entertaining or it is meaningful?

The Pas Claudius Ideology.

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