The reason I called some ambafools

If you are still enjoying the Amba Romance after 3yrs, I will frustrate you to become big Ambafool or start to think better.

You are always Winning on social media but the people you picked up arms to protect are running for safety to Dla and Yde. Does this mean in 3yrs of fighting and winning, you are unable to secure a peaceful place for them? You most be the biggest Ambafool. Wining and destroying the enemy but unable to control an acre of land. Confusion. The people are running from your confusion and some are still to really understand the truth that you are the very people who armed, advocated and declared the war. Frustration.

However, how can you win what even your leaders don’t understand? Preaching is not leadership

None of your leader is able to come out and face their critics. None can come out and defend their ideology, legally, politically and morally not to talk of showing an understanding of the consequences.

Only in Ambazonia do we see Ambafools trying to defend leaders who are unable to defend themselves.

How can you believe someone who is unable to define their own preaching to an extend of trying to defend their preaching. Is it because the music sound nice and entertaining or it is meaningful?

Keep entertaining yourselves fooling around and killing yourselves with stupidity called revolution. This is an evolution to violence lead by primitive man against civilised people. See the outcry on Twitter.

The Pas Claudius Ideology.

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