The Case For Swiss Mediators to the Ambazonia crisis

It is mind blowing but we respect opinion and analysis it to determine it merit and applicability.

A greater number of Amba loyalist insulted the dialogue process calling for a Swiss mediated dialogue approach. It is rational and would acknowledging their concerns.

You are right but you need to address and appreciate important points of this crisis to truly establish the role of this Swiss mediators.

1 Upon picking up arms and advocating for war, did Ambazonia seek advice from Swiss

2 Did the Swiss authorities draft your independence declaration?

3 upon declaring a war, did you seek advice from the Swiss authorities?

4 Why do you need Swiss mediators today?

5, On what grounds to you expect Cameroon to overturn her own dialogue for a foreign dialogue? Bear in mind that we have African nations and associations that can host a dialogue, be reminded that the NW and SW have never given any group or persons a mandate to represent them, is the dialogue hosted by the Swiss government etc.

6 We declares a group, people or persons as a terrorist? In my rational opinion and according to the above points, this group should be class as a terrorist organization by all nations.

If you can address this point, you are in a position to establish the role this mediator will play in aiding settle your personal problems.

We must ask key questions to understand political and legal facts.

When did we English speaker give anyone the mandate to represent us in any capacity as leader of the anglophones?

I must remind all anglophones that if you are an inferior being or rate yourself equal to a monkey to be polishing white people’s shoes, I am not.

Do we see white people coming to Africans for help to mediate their problems? Are Europeans problems free? Why you? You are the true insane slave

If your own self made mess is bigger than you, it is time to acknowledge it and be honest to your followers.

The fear of repercussions is the beginning of wisdom. The absence of honesty is the beginning of the downfall of a man’s integrity. For those of us home, in the western world, people who do not install or use their fire alarms effectively often die in their own flames or face lengthy jail sentence for man slaughter. Even in a national disaster, international help only comes when you pull the right distress call. Ascending Mount Everest is more easier than descending Mount Everest. That is where we find the highest death toll.

The Pas Claudius Ideology

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