The Mystery of Ambafools

Who are the real leaders of this evolution to violence? Who are the bush fallers sponsoring the violence? Who are the loyal supporters on a band wagon. Are people obeying for fear of repercussions or because they are loyal followers?

We patriots distant ourselves from this confusion but it is mind blowing that apart of photos circulating on line of Amba soldiers, there has never been a full evacuation attack by Amba military on the military to establish their independence despite the billions of money invested in Ak47s arms propaganda. Good confusion

Those preachers on line calling themselves leaders inciting the violence and misleading innocent ignorant youths home have never turn up at the front line or to establish their country 2yrs post independence. When less famous leaders step in Cameroon they never come openly in their country. They hide in safe town and preach on social media. Why are you scared to walk freely in your presumed country?

Good confusion

The bush fallers inciting violence are only heard of on social media. When they step foot in the Cameroon, their mouths are sealed with tape. You are even scared to present yourself to those you have been sponsoring to pickup arms. Confusion

Those loyal supporters at home are supporting but seeking shelter in safe town. Confusion

Why are all of you scared to go to your ambazonia establish yourselves and your government, fight the enemy, walk freely and speak freely of your role in sponsoring, leading etc of the crisis? The answer is simple, all of are scared of your confusion and ambazonia is a mental state of mind that does not exit in Cameroon. For that reason you are all called Ambafools

With this confusion and the fact that many are fleeing the crisis, it can be said, the majority are of the population are simply obeying in fear of repercussions.

The Pas Claudius Ideology

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