Who are the People Sabotaging The Struggle.

To answer this question and identify those sabotaging the struggle, we must address certain factors;

What are you fighting for and how?

It must be said, good leadership is above all the protection of your people. Why in our case, leaders go crying genocide but telling us to fight to the last and not taking any measures to address the most of lives? Because you are weapons not human beings equal to them. The lost of a weapon is irrelevant to the leaders. Are you blind to see it happening?

However, It is apparent that the majority of Cameroonians just want a better society.
How can arms that are destroying provide that society. In this case, it can be argued that those inciting violence are the people sabotaging the struggle.

On the contrary, if you are fighting for freedom, independence change of name etc, you must ask yourself how arm violence will deliver that. What will independence deliver for you and how? Do you need arm violence to call yourself an Amba? It must be said, the cornerstone to this crisis is the notion of a better society and a better society is only driven by an evidence based ideology with deep rooted facts evident to all to see and testify.

On that bases, how are Ambazonia leaders justifying their need for independence? Now you realise you can not deliver on such a scale with propaganda. Every crisis ends up with dialogue and dialogue requires evidence to justify the merit to the demands. No doubt you started with the common law confusion.

To that, all of you will acknowledge that Ambazonia leaders are sabotaging the struggle aided by your ignorance. This goes to explain the jobless society. If a degree holder can’t analyse rational information, practically visible with the naked eye, how can you use your knowledge to gain employment? The hen gave you the Amba head must have been the dullest of all or you must have been the stupidest student to have a degree of no use.

I fully believe some of us had our degree by brainstorming the textbooks and recitation of the text. If you doubt me, ask people like Mark Baretax, Tapang ivo, Chris Anu, Sahko, Wirba etc how can you lead a war to victory by hiding? What is the international resettlement plan? How does self determination address those who may wish to be independent as well or are you opting to force them at the barrel to stay with you? You will get the dullest answer of all times, when we reach Buea we will think of that. Just fight until Buea

The pas Claudius Ideology clearly emphasis on the need of common sense over educational knowledge in politics and it is time you pocket your degrees, titles etc and bow to common sense, the sense missing in Amba ranks. Your justice is to hold them responsible and accountable for deliberately misguiding you into self destruction.

The Pas Claudius Ideology

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