Ambazonia 3yrs On

From the very formation of Ambazonia in 2017 to the current state, we have seen changes but the structural elements remain the same. The dynamics of Ambazonia remain the same. unnecessary criticism with no aim or plan to address remain the cornerstone of Amba.

It was as an association of disgruntled power monger anglophones who knew what they wanted but lacked the technical ability to attend it.

Being a disgruntled Association, it was evident that it tactics was to criticise the government for what ever to gain support from ignorant followers. However, Amba has constantly failed to produce a logical solution to what it is criticising.

To summarise, Amba is just an association that is after power but has no ability to address what it is criticising. In the current state, Amba will set the NW and SW ablaze if given power. If you doubt this , ask yourself a simple question; Amba has sighted marginalisation as a key factor in her quest for a new nation. Today, Amba has a government and a constitution. Neither has Amba address, marginalisation not self determination nor bad politics or mismanagement and embezzlement. Supporting such an awkward association is total stupidity and a share lack of knowledge.

The pas Claudius Ideology.

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