A Vision For Cameroon (The Solution to the Cameroon problems)

I Pas Claudius come forward before God and man to testify the truth that will heal wounds an create a peaceful society for mankind. Peaceful protest by the people has been an is still the only rational approach for the people to show their dissatisfaction to any governing authority. However, violence in pursue of justice should never be a virtue.

The problems and challenges faced by Cameroonians can be seen in every fabric in Cameroon. It won’t take us a day to address our problem but it can take us an hour to fix if and only if we are united towards a common goal with a common agenda for change in our mental map. If and only if we are willing to acknowledge that each an every Cameroonian is a problem to Cameroon and the need for a unilateral positive change should be core in our political map and cultural practices.

We must start by paying our respect to those who have paid the price to get Cameroon to the colonial gate and we must put forward a platform for freedom from impunity for those involved in bringing us to this position. Freedom from impunity should be legally binding to disarmament and reintegration with an opportunity for all to redress their actions that have brought nothing but misery on thousands of families by opting to vengeful ideology. Vindictive ideology must come to an end replace with vengeful peaceful coexistence as a platform for the future.
We must seek a solidarity approach not just as a sign of remembrance but as a sign of reconciliation and a reminder of the evil that we can all exert on others because of differences.

Our country will not move forward with anger and arms. Our country will not move forward with superior inferior divisions among us. Our country will not move forward with just political changes. Our country can only move forward if we are willing to accept and revolutionise our core fabric: power and politics. This will not bring any positive change in our society unless we revolutionise our culture.

It was said, Cameroon will never move forward without going through the colonial gate. Without which Cameroonians will never truly acknowledge their identity and work as a unit towards building a better nation.

A crisis was predicted and we are all fully aware that without a national crisis, no nation will have the opportunity to address her past and create a positive platform for a better country. We should not underestimate this challenge that can last decades. Let Somalia, Eritrea, Libya etc stand as a testimony for all to understand the long lasting impact of violence but we must also learn from Rwanda.

We have never seen arms and the disastrous impact it can have on any society if it falls in the wrong hands. Power should not be given to ordinary citizens in a vindictive pathway. Power and leadership are a subtle act that not every human can handle. We must learn

We are experiencing that impact today. Here is the time for Cameroonians to address the past bring back faith in Cameroonians ability to develop their own country to their taste.

It was said, and I will repeat it again and again, Cameroon does not need any major changes to stabilise the country. Systems are not pc codes and no system can deliver but any system can deliver if the people are willing to make it work for themselves.

We need to revolutionise the government, the power and the very structures that together form the fabric of the current Cameroon. Above all, you must be the change you are seeking or sabotaging.

There are problems in Cameroon but no clear cut problem as an Anglophone problem. In my opinion, there is only one approach to address these problems hence this crisis. A citizen assembly involving representatives of all communities of Cameroon sitting together and seeking rational solutions to current and predicted human problems. Cameroon has no problem but Cameroonians are the problem affecting Cameroon. Together, let us mitigate the past. If you think English and French are a line of division owing to our colonial past, remember that our historical past is more divided than the colonial past with hundreds of tribes and languages. English and French are only the languages of the classroom behind which we are all unique but share the common national identity as Cameroonians.

It will not be federalism that will deliver the dream country. It will not be special status that will deliver positive change. It will not be decentralisation. It will not only be changes in leadership, nor the outcry for peace but the ability for you and me to be responsible and accountable to our country. If you envisage special status as a model for positive change, won’t it be far outreaching to give special status to all communities and relax hopping the special status will deliver a positive outcome without any further human input?

I tell you the facts, special status change of system are all political whitewash to an opportunity to bring real dynamic changes to a dynamic society.

The opportunity for all of us to openly and willingly acknowledge our limitations and seek the need for a national change of strategy to revive the economy and spearhead the new Cameroon society.

The burden is very big and the crisis are deep rooted but I have s message to all who think that cutting ties with colonial masters is a positive step. I tell you the truth, it is by revising the ties for true mutual benefit that will bring lasting opportunities for both parties. The future for our children will be fruitful if we acknowledge and educate the next generation to cherish the colonial history and speak both languages from nursery. The economy miracle can only be achieved by changing our consumer society to a productive machine.

The truth must be acknowledge, we are a lazy society. Taxation is no barrier to growth but the disaster is when the revenue generated are not well used to furnish the society to the taste of the tax payer. The tax system need me and you to examine it. Nothing can come for free except we envisage a funding mechanism that we will all be willing to fund.
Free education
Free medical care
Best urban royal transport system are all possible.

No laws will change this country without you and me willing to adhere and abide to the laws. We can’t build a society on vindicative Idéologies but only through vengeful practice between one another. There is no utopian society on planet earth but the very ideas of a utopian society should underpin our future politics, culture and future practices.

We most acknowledge the past and understand how it has brought us here and put great emphasis on how to avoid the same mistake tomorrow.

We can not build an African society on western ideologies but an understanding of the mechanism behind the western model should guide us in advancing our deep rooted African model.

What ever system you may envisage from western models, remember that there is no system in the world far advance and more sophisticated than the natural federal system that we inherited from our ancestors destroyed by our colonial masters.

We had minor chiefs and major kings ruling over vast lands without any technical aids. it was a system that we Africans were well accustomed to. We do not need to practice nostalgia but develop that system to stand the test of the 21st century civilised world. We still have this fabric today to aide and guide any African society to achieve greatness.

Why are we focusing on what we know little abroad? Why are we avoiding our own genetical codes that are more sophisticated and well advanced by nature.

Cameroon has not come of age since independence but this is the time for Cameroon to be born again.

Come on you, come on all, let us bring the right positive change that will give us the dream society you are fighting for.

One Cameroon for all Cameroonians.


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