The Reason the Southern Cameroon indépendance bid is bunkum politics.

I would be brief because most of this discussion has been explored already.

There is nothing as southern Cameroon independence restoration and the facts are embedded in the northern part being part of Nigeria.

Let preachers not distort your imagination of reality with attention seeking bunkum politics. In time of crisis we need a leader with honesty and integrity willing to safeguard the interest of mankind and not a people.

The only legally binding pathway to independence for Southern Cameroon is self determination.

However: I am happy to state this clearly. Ambazonia has a constitution that speaks clearly of creating a monopoly but failed to address The HOW, WHY they want to destroy a monopoly and create another monopoly. This is just a problem creating approach to address a problem that even the Amba constitution is unable to address

Thèse are the problem:

How did Ambazonia adopt the name.
Who gave Amba the mandate to represent any body in Cameroon?
How did Amba come up with a constitution without consulting the subjects.

As it stands, Cameroonians have never opted democratically to adopt the name Amba or give any body, group etc to represent anyone in the name of independence or federalism.

Currently, what is Cameroon today is the fabric of western powers hence it remains as it was created until anyone who envisage a self determination pathway can legally and politically address self determination democratically.

To this, I want to ask those Cameroonians abroad inciting violence and crying genocide and human right abuses on social media this; can a person be fighting for human right by housing those who are inciting and advocating for the abuse of the very rights? How can you incite the violation of human right but seek help from the very person housing you? In the name of political asylum, you and your shelter are either a liability or complacent in the violation of the rights you are fighting against take note

Don’t Let self induced frustration and confusion distort your imagination of reality for it is already killing innocent people for nothing.

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