The mystery of Chris Anu

The mystery of Chris Anu

How honest are u in the fight for a better society? Are you trust worthy in serving just one human? We have reach a critical position and details matter

In 2018 our brother chris Anu told us to drive our brothers and sisters away simple because they dont speak English. Some cheered.

His own mother does not speak English.
How many of you have made successful relationships with french speakers? How will you drive that relationship away?

Remember chris Anu is the secretary of state of Ambazonia.
If a presume leader can segregate people simple because of language, what do you think will happen to you in ambazonia if you dont speak the same dialect with chris anu?

I have been informed that Chris is a church minister and despite the warm welcome and cutesy we have had from french speakers, Mr Chris shows no remorse. If you can kill because of a language, then be careful. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. When i questioned chris our brother, you called me a traitor, advocate to behead patriots. Be warned

I am not judging people but their words.

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