The Pas Claudius Ideology Revealed to the Deaf, Blind and Mankind

The Pas Claudius ideology revealed to you again

Go into history and you will see the facts embedded in the truth. The church is no prob but the Clergy are a problem. You have ended up serving their pockets. We have done everything to the church but what has the church done for us?
Look around you and point to just one community facility provided by the church to serve our own practical needs?
If the churc does not realise that we need practical needs to serve the God in us effectively, what is going on? Does money buy God? Is God a business?
Look into history and see the difference.

We provided the land build the churches to serve us first for God is in us. Is this what is happening.

Just like cameroon, cameroon has no problem but our elites are our problem and we are serving their needs not the needs of cameroon. The problem in cameroon is us for the elites are our brothers and sisters that is y you are killing yourselves today. Vengeful not vindictive is the code clearly written in the book of God.

You fighting, what are you serving and how?

You insulting, who are you insulting and why?

The ideology that speak volumes to the blind, the deaf and all mankind.

You want to fight politics, where have you given your entire wealth and what has been done with it? The church. You must be buying something in church. GOD is watching your hypocrisy

Remember the actions of Jesus at the temple.

You spend hours daily in church in the name of prayer

You give your last penny in the name of tithes unquestionable but you won’t offer a penny to serve your community or question every penny you offer?

Is God not equally present in your community as in the church? GOD is one and you should not carry two minds around pretending to serve one God.

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