The Amba movement

Many Cameroonians are only hearing of Ambazonia today but make no mistake, this has been underground movement for decades. We can trace this movement as far thé birth of the new Cameroon as an independent nation. The choice of Dr Enderley and his views at the time form the background to this movement. This gave the idea of independence restoration.

All the reasons listed today do not stand scrutiny does do they have anything to do with the movement but serve their propaganda effectively.

Some will remember the March 20, 1985, attack on Cameroon security forces. Mr Gorji Dinka an English speaking Cameroonian wrote a memorandum to President Paul Biya stating that his government was unconstitutional and announced the independence of the former Southern Cameroons territory to be known as the Republic of Ambazonia. Dinka was arrested in 1986, but three years later he escaped into Nigeria and to the UK where he has been living in exile since. If someone thinks the Cameroon constitution is unconstitutional, what do you make of what Ambazonia claim is their constitution?

From this came the birth of the Southern Cameroons Peoples Conference (SCPC) aka Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation (SCAPO), with the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) (1994) as its governing body was created. This was fuel by grievances over the 1990 election using it as another excuse to serve their ideology. They organised two high profile conferences and visited the UN.

On March 23, 1997, about 10 people were killed in a raid on a gendarme brigade in Bamenda and Jakiri by anglophone separatists. About 200 people were arrested, mostly SCNC supporters, but also some members of the SDF Party.These attacks were organised by Cho Ayaba, Akwanga Ebenezer & co acting under the brand SCNC.
As a result of this and other underground activities, SCNC was banned in 2001, but continue operating till date. Wirba & co were all members operating within the SDF. Mr will remember that Ebenezer was at one point imprison for reasons Associated with the SCNC.

Many youths of today will remember the 1st October 1999 take over of Radio Buea to proclaim the independence of Southern Cameroons but were stopped by security forces.
In 2006, a faction of SCNC declared the independence of Ambazonia for the third time.
In November 2007, the “Liberators of the Southern Cameroon People” killed 21 Cameroonian soldiers in Bakassi.
These people are some of the key actors in the current insurgency 20 years later. They hijacked the teachers and lawyers strike and declared independence for the fourth time. It is a crisis that has been ongoing for a long time.

Strangely, despite 56yrs of underground planning, they are still unable to put forward a cohesive argument for their course shifting from one end of the political spectrum to another and showing a general lack of knowledge in their ability to demonstrate what they are actually seeking and why.

This, therefore raises suspicions on the argument used by Ambazonia to booster their case at the international stage. Marginalisation is a strategy to foster their hidden ideology and to lure innocent and ignorant youths to their course. Grievance over the failure of the international community to offer the third option in 1961-2 is their actual problem. All the current propaganda is just an attempt to get the international community to consider that option and nothing else.

The pas Claudius Ideology img_2433-6

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