The Make Up of Amba Today.

The Make Up of Amba Today.

1 Amba leaders; money making machine

2 Bushfallers; asylum seekers, failed economic migrants, dull troublesome citizens whose parents saw europe as the bin to throw them out of their surroundings. These are people who went to Europe because they were trouble to their families. Always citing laws that they understand to only refere to their ambitions.

3 Young ignorant unemployed disgruntled youths who have nothing to offer even for amba. Well educated but very dull. They will never use their own judgement always citing reference from some body else. The biggest group of educated illiterates who can recite the text book but can, t answer any trational questions.

4 The band wagon supporters. Hear for here go talk for there. See them around Yde and Dla. Their answers are always the same. It was.

5, Village champions. The worse group that knows nothing except what they have heard.

6 Hand clappers. The worse category of amba supporters.

The blame culture mixe with ignorance is the coffin sealed by scammers abroad.
We like free stuff and never willing to research for our own good and take personal rational objective view. Pur android is limited to gossip and sharing images of ourselves.

Everyone has an android but few are willing to explore it education potentials.

We are dying because dullness is like a curse wixed with hypocritical thinking.

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