There is hypocrisy in Amba Ranks Beaware.

There is hypocrisy in Amba Ranks Beaware.

You have all heard, the sacrifice is worth the independence. Hypocrites, devils where is it written in the bible to sacrifice another human? When you cook food taste it before you poison the neighbours.

If you are right to say that, the sacrifice is worth it for the independence, why are you not sacrificing yourself but preaching it? Devil, hypocrisy.

Since 2016, how many of your sect leaders have been sacrificed? Hypocrites, who are you fooling on Facebook?

This is how clean heart people, who are honest and seeking a God’s course do things;

If you think sacrificing any body is worth for the independence, you should sacrifice your own parents, your children, wife, brother or sister as an example. When you sacrifice your entire family and you are the last man standing blow your trumpet for neighbours to come out in full and see how you sacrifice yourself for them to emulate.

When you do that, your followers will name your course as ordained and God will blessed it success.

Hypocrites. Let God’s people be aware. These people are devils looking for the young, the weak, the vulnerable of the society to offer to their secret society in the name of Amba independence

How can God sacrifice God?img_0326

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