The quest for Inclusive Dialogue

The quest for Inclusive Dialogue.

Fellow Cameroonian happy Sunday, the oracle is appealing to all with brains to reason and interpret for those with heads. This is not about degrees, titles and status but wisdom and common sense.

I want to remind all of you that no dialogue in this world will address the confusion born out of frustration and propaganda. No dialogue will settle this matter. The solution will come from your individual willingness to stop confirmation bias and stereotypical views. The solution will come when you stop reasoning like bush fallers but the very white people you are trying to imilate.

Let me be clear to all of you; why do you want an inclusive dialogue on a neutral ground with a third party but seeking a dialogue without any conditions? How can you set conditions but request no conditions. How ignorant can you be not to trust yourselves but a stranger base on skin colour. You are simply accepting that you are inferior in this world.

To move on, what will be the agenda and who is not included under your terminology?

Amba does not want to answer to anybody but want us to answer to them on what grounds?

What is the problem that warrant a dialogue?

Who gave you the mabdate to represent any body in that capacity, when and under what legal process?

You see folks, we are very naive and ignorant. We should stop fooling around and fooling ourselves.

The Oracle cited in the Pas Claudius Ideology

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