Thé Ambazonia war for independence and the birth of stupidity in educated people.

There is freedom of which and everyone is entitled to their views and opinions. However, we should not confuse freedom of speech, rights to views and opinions with political matters that require rational evidence based knowledge or matriculation into a political discourse

Prior to this crisis, there was a consensus among many that there is no freedom of speech in Cameroon and Cameroon is under a dictatorship. The crisis has proven the contrary although many may still hold objective views but the evidence so far on the government behaviour is not different to any other government around the world including first world nations.

Demands must be match with statistics embedded in previous adventures around the world. The modern world demands and equal but opposite reactions to what ever you demand/present, and we must understand that previous conflict especially South Sudan, Libya Egypt, Yemen etc have been a learning for the entire world.

This implies that people do not just expect help by expressing their wishes in arm conflict but should expect to address the set problem for the future and lay a foundation for whosoever m, who may perceive the same ideology against the set agenda tomorrow without the need for bloodshed.

To that, it is not up to the Cameroon government to sanction an Amba independence pathway but for Ambazonia herself to set the platform upon which any other subgroup may not be part of their agenda without arms conflicts.

56yrs of preparation and 5yrs of fighting are proving beyond Ambazonia’s understanding of reality against her propaganda approach. Worse of all, what Ambazonia is unable to provide a solution within herself or practice in a manner that present an alternative view to what she projected as bad governance against herself.

To that, one can see clearly that Ambazonia has not clear reason to demand for independence nor can she practice contrary to what she claims is marginalisation against the English-speaking population. All what Ambazonia claims to be the reasons for her adventure are well ingrained in herself.

In my rational opinion, all what Ambazonia is doing is fighting herself to serve nothing. Amba has no solution to what has been presented as a problem nor can Ambazonia practice contrary to what has been presented as a problem. All this is fuel by nostalgia of a new nation that should be ignored. img_0694

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