The Reason Amba Will not have independence.

In Italia 90 World Cup the whole of Cameroon watch England score 2 penalties to beat Cameroon in the quarter finals. If you did not see it, go to YouTube. It is visible, audible for the whole world to see. Whether there was a conspiracy or a plan act, we all saw the penalty and… Continue reading The Reason Amba Will not have independence.

Ambazonia liberation war legal Idea.

You advocated for war, armed and declared a war of lineration. For 4yrs, you have been sending threats to Cameroon from abroad and Cameroonians of all backgrounds. You are killing and holding Cameroonians hostage for ransom. You have been bombarding international communities with letters advocating to fight to the last. I am a Cameroon and… Continue reading Ambazonia liberation war legal Idea.

What is an anglophone grievance?

What is an anglophone grievance? Even with an independent Ambazonia, anglophones are underestimating internal problems facing them and paying less focus on the reality. We are either ignorant of facts against us or just too blind to accept that we have an internal problem that is worse than the presumptive problem you are fighting against.… Continue reading What is an anglophone grievance?

The Age of scepticism and wisdom from great minds.

It is utterly disgusting, degrading to see people who have pickup the highest most prestigious award in education to reason more like a sheep herd. I want to tell all Cameroonians, some of whom are panicking running from left to right and trading insult, engage in self inflicted violence, arms, desecration etc of the land… Continue reading The Age of scepticism and wisdom from great minds.

The Biya’s Plan To Revise The Nation

1 The Peace and security of the nation 2 The health and safety of the nation 3 The Revision of the educational system and re-education where needed 4 The rebuilding of the economic and infrastructure of the nation and a revamp of the industrial design. 5 The remodelling of the political system and power 6… Continue reading The Biya’s Plan To Revise The Nation

The Reason Everybody should sign up to the ambazonia surrender agreement

We have personal opinion but the interest of the mass is the pinnacle of sustainability. When you listen to Amba leaders, you will see an existence of internal fighting but there is something sinister about this internal fighting. There is only one loser, the ordinary ignorant man. Every leader discredit the rival and present themselves… Continue reading The Reason Everybody should sign up to the ambazonia surrender agreement

Ambazonia Independence Unconditional Surrender Agreement.

I am a Cameroonian from Bamenda. I speak my dialect but use pidgin as a common language across the NW. I learned to speak English in school to aide my ability to interact with Cameroon, the world and access work with a recognised language. I am not English, anglophone or Amba but a Cameroonian by… Continue reading Ambazonia Independence Unconditional Surrender Agreement.