Ambazonia Independence Unconditional Surrender Agreement.

I am a Cameroonian from Bamenda. I speak my dialect but use pidgin as a common language across the NW. I learned to speak English in school to aide my ability to interact with Cameroon, the world and access work with a recognised language. I am not English, anglophone or Amba but a Cameroonian by birth, through my genealogy and through history.

The entire country wants a change, every major player on the ground and above wants a change. Nobody wants misery. Nobody wants a war. Why support what you know is wrong. Let hypocrisy and selfish ambitions be a by-gone word in our society from today.

In 2016, we had a crisis to address our perceived problems and our perceived misconceptions. We had the chance to set our country to a transition for the good of Cameroonian without any thoughts of blood. It was worth it but that chance was immediately hijacked by another force called the Amba movement from abroad. We were peaceful people fighting to address and understand our history and the politics of our country. Something never spoken in public.

There was an objective view in 2016 there is an objective view today. There is a subjective opinion that defines who is truly fighting for your interest? I am but the objective view will present Amba. Here is the thesis, the recent renowned casualty is Alhadji who thinks he is fighting for your benefit under Amba instructions. Who knows of Ivo again within Amba ranks in terms of who among Amba leaders is seeing to the needs of his family today? Alhadji will be no different. That is to tell you, you are just a money making scheme for the Amba leaders who careless about you or your family. I on the contrary is fighting for your safety first, next the opportunity for you to work have a good pay and look after your family. A task I can’t offer for your family and only you can do it best. Who is fighting for your interest then?

The violence, the destruction, the enmity we see to have been created by us international and unintended by consuming without questioning. It must be made clear to each an every one of us across the NW and SW that the administration so called by the Amba LRP, did not declare any war on peace loving people but ambazonia did. The government is us and the administration is in Yde. We must acknowledge that the military under the instructions of the government did not decide to attack our communities. Ambazonia provoked the situation.

We must acknowledge that when people declare a war, they go on the attack. When people provoke a situation, they go on the attack. People do not declare a war, provoke a military attack but go on the offensive. People do not declare a war but expect a Good Samaritan to fight for them. We must acknowledge that, we do not have the financial potential, the man power, the leadership ability, the administration, the platform to wage and sustain a full combat.

Each an everyone of us is fully aware that independence is not feasible but only a hand full of us have first handed experience of the consequences of the violence. I want to use this opportunity to ask those who claim to be leaders if they know the death toll and each an every youth; mother, father, sister, brother, child killed as a result of this violence? To be honest nobody knows. That I to tell each an every one that there is nobody who is out to fight for your personal need. Day in day out, our youths are killed. While the family is mourning, the rest write RIP. Are we human, do our leaders feel the pain of the bereaved? It is a cash cow for a few but pain an agony for the mass. This must stop

This has been a massive self-inflicted collateral damage to our communities. We have lost hundreds after 4yrs and see not feasible success pathway. Who among us wants to put another thousand at risk? We declared the war and provoke the military, and they are hunting our brothers and sisters to early graves and nobody, no leader is willing to stand up and safe the innocent. I tell all of you the truth, I have no option but to declare a total unconditional surrender to this independence saga. We had our peaceful protest to address our country and I call on each and every one of us to stand by this agreement so that the military can STOP the killings of our brothers radicalised by Amba to become a threat to themselves and our communities.

I want to call on all Amba leaders to accept this heart felt declaration and join me work toward a pledge for freedom from impunity. I want all Amba arm bearers to accept this declaration immediately, surrender all their arms to the authorities. I want the whole community and Cameroon as a whole to plead with the government that the military should not kill anybody who willingly agrees to this declaration and surrenders. May they be given the necessary help and reintegration into our communities.

I am pleading with the entire people of the NW and SW to acknowledge what has happened. They should never see revenge as a weapon of strength but acknowledge that the strength is in your moral forgiveness. 20th May celebrations have been cancel but I would recommend that we use this day as a reminder of the consequences of armed violence to any community. I would ask the entire population that 11th February should be celebrated for an additional reason. It should be a day that will symbolise misery cause by emotional handling of any crisis and to remind us of the consequences of conformity without questioning.

I will use this opportunity to remind us that we did not set out to wage a war of independence and we should acknowledge that it was an untended consequence of poor leadership. Now that we acknowledge it, we can return to the real revolution still open for all. Cameroon is our country, the government us and if we think our administration is failing us, or if we think, a new administration is needed for whatever reasons we can seek lasting peaceful options to see a transition.
Let emotions never guide our decisions again.

Long leave our country, Cameroon
The Pas Claudius Ideology for ever.

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