The Reason Everybody should sign up to the ambazonia surrender agreement

We have personal opinion but the interest of the mass is the pinnacle of sustainability.

When you listen to Amba leaders, you will see an existence of internal fighting but there is something sinister about this internal fighting. There is only one loser, the ordinary ignorant man.

Every leader discredit the rival and present themselves as the good rich guys who has the capability to do the unthinkable. I would advise everyone to read the tiny prints.

Eric will insult Sakho and Chris anu for embezzlement. Sakho and Chris Anu will attack Eric and his own gangs. Cho Ayaba will come next with his own agenda. There is something unique about all of them.

At the end of every live video, there is a bucket for more donations.

Remember the background to this movement. The very leaders took Government to court for embezzlement.

The same people who presented themselves as Paters of the nation are complaining of misused of money by asking for more money?

Please sign up to an unconditional surrender. The paters are all wolves in sheep clothes.

Ambazonia Independence Unconditional Surrender Agreement.

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