The Biya’s Plan To Revise The Nation

1 The Peace and security of the nation
2 The health and safety of the nation
3 The Revision of the educational system
and re-education where needed
4 The rebuilding of the economic and
infrastructure of the nation and a
revamp of the industrial design.
5 The remodelling of the political system
and power
6 The remodelling of the cultural platform
integrated within education.

Chapter 1
The Peace and Security of the nation:

The first stage is to seek a rational reasonable solution to the crisis in the NW, SW and Northern provinces through peaceful means: A window of pardoning the key players and all those with arms. Freedom from impunity for all. Under such circumstances, all activities must stop while parliament reciprocate a lasting legacy. The initial stage involve, the military playing no further combat rule but aiding the transition of separatist disarmament and reintegration. This will examine the creation of a Cameroon citizens assembly to examine challenges faced by Cameroonians and seek lasting solutions. Representatives of all villages across the country involved.
This can only be sustainable if separatists are willing to cooperate within the framework and abide to it.

If it fails through non compliance, the safety of Cameroonians become paramount while the government through parliament seek alternative solutions which will need an international alliance that will seek all means to restore peace and stability in the nation. Peace is priceless but the security and the state of the nation is far more important for all Cameroonians.

Chapter 2
The health and safety of the nation;
The nature and functionality of the health and social care system must be revolutionise starting with the details examining of the current system to see current failure and a total revamp of the system placing the people at the centre. There will be a public consultation following a parliamentary and national debate on plans details below to ensure the new framework can be sustainable for the 3 decades. These plans involve; public funded local health centres tailored to the needs of the local community, public funded air ambulance, public funded fire brigades et. There will be a consultation examining the health structure to see if they are up to the modern needs. There will be a consultation on the building of modern hospital settings integrated with social care and local health centres. There will be a consensus on how to join these systems to created a national system under one umbrella.

There will be consultation to ensure the working society has a health and safety framework procedures in all industrial settings. Etc

Chapter 3
The Revision of the educational system
and re-education where needed.
The current educational system has been focused more on achieving qualifications but no productivity and creativity hence there will be a consultation aimed at examining how the product of education can Bette aide the economy through apprenticeship. The current educational system does not directly reflect the needs of the nation. It must be said that the current system give us knowledge but the knowledge has no reciprocal output. It is not knowledge specific and every one will agree that we learn more of others than our own society. Without knowledge of our own society, the youths will never fully explore the nation’s potentials and capacity. Under this platform, we will examine the role of modern laboratories to aide academic researchers. We have already pointed out a core problem centred around orientation of youths and an understanding of the nation’s capacity and capabilities. The private sector must be revamp creating room for youth creativity and entrepreneurship at a very early age supported by the public sector. Without a clear understanding of the link between the public and private sector embedded in our educational framework at an early age, Cameroonians of today and tomorrow will always feel not at home or cherished their own society and educational framework.

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