Ambazonia liberation war legal Idea.

You advocated for war, armed and declared a war of lineration. For 4yrs, you have been sending threats to Cameroon from abroad and Cameroonians of all backgrounds. You are killing and holding Cameroonians hostage for ransom. You have been bombarding international communities with letters advocating to fight to the last. I am a Cameroon and I have this message for you.

In Cameroon we understand the rule of the law and it implications in Cameroon and at the international stage. We respect the human and we do not intend to turn the Cameroon war machine on her own citizens. The war machine is there for the safety of Cameroon and the NW and SW are Cameroon.

If you are truly out for war then present your consensus on war. It should details the villages that a seeking war as tool to ensure the safety of all Cameroonians is not compromised. Every citizen should sign the declaration, date it and forward to the international community. The letter should clearly states, the state of Cameroon, military or leaders should not be held responsible for anything against Amba or any Amba on their path. They are not liable and You have the financial indemnity and retribution on the table. You will need to surrender your adopted nationality and return to the disputed territory and braced for Armageddon to decide.

In the coming days I will be sending out a document detailing what you should do and seeking your consent. This letter should be seen and sign by all those seeking war and everyone who wants to dispute the integrity of Cameroon by forced.
It will stipulated that you have accepted fight to Cameroon and you are responsible and liable not Cameroon.

In the dark ages, the fist won the battle without any responsibility or liability of their own actions. In the 21st century modern human answer to rational question and seek solutions that addressed the problem facing the ordinary man.

If Amba, her leaders and followers are not working under such principles or willing to engage on such platforms as human then this is their chance to legalise force and make it enshrined in law at the international level but only applicable in the disputed territory.

If you can’t attend such a task, you have one option. Surrender. Battles are fought on the ground and not through speeches, letters and social media.

I am from Bamenda and I want to tell all of you especially Amba that you can’t challenge the world. The school is the product of the world and you are simply reciting the school. How can you challenge the world that gave you the school? Knowledge build the school and the school will never build knowledge.

That school dates back to ancient records. Julius Caesar one’s proud of arbitrary destroying an entire community and killing everyone without any remorse, no liability or responsibility because it was the norm. That norm existed right up to Napoleon and world war 1.

From World war 1 the human brain developed to respect human rights but did not understand the respect of communities up to Libya and Iraq. From there the world learned again not to involve itself in a community without understanding the topography.

Do you see Syria and Yemen, the learning in action. What is Amba saying? What books have you ever written without borrowing knowledge? What can you do based on your own raw knowledge?

The Pas Claudiusideology

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