Ambazonia The must primitive illiterates war of all times.

In history and archeology, we learn of wars of the dark ages. The age of no education and knowledge fought over food, conquer slaves and resources. The aggressor went to the enemy and the enemy fought to the last to protect their families and freedom. Wars to proof bravery over inferior people.

Next came the crusade reading the bible upside down war. Few could read nor interpret the bible hence many followers were illiterates blind thinking they were given the right information.

In the 1970s we heard of the Biafra war. The war of illiteracy where one man could read and use propaganda to lure the others to bear arms and fight. Not knowing that their inability to read or access information meant they were serving the selfish ambitions of the few literates. No android or IT to aid the blind or ignorant followers who died for nothing.

Next, we are hearing of wars in the Muslim worlds. The wars of religion ideology domination. Reasons, 99% of women are illiterates. Only few men are actually educated and worse of all interpreting the Koran is heresy. Hence, few have monopoly over knowledge. One God, one Muhammed but two wars fought in the name of one Allah, one Muhammed. The good news is the aggressor and defender square up daily in brutal fights.

In the Amba war, we have all the technology to access information and knowledge. 40% of all the followers are degree holders. 80% can read and write. 90% of leaders have at least a master degree and are abroad to see the difference. Free circular society compared to the Biafra war. What is our own problem? As an educated society, can anyone spell THE HOW, even independence will address the key problem; marginalisation?

Some clown call it a war when the aggressor runs from the enemy but claims the enemy can’t win the aggressor. Even barbarians in Julius Caesar’s time had the balls to stand up and face the modern Romans. With all the IT and readily available knowledge, we are more dull than the Biafrans and more stupid than barbarians.
We should accept the facts but what do we learn from all this. The land is always the winner. All players die without inheriting anything apart of the food they ate. You can call the land any name or fight for what language the people should speak but all Languages are dynamic just like the people. Even the English spoken today is different to the English spoken just 300yrs ago. Learning is knowledge to advance mankind not kill mankind whose lifespan is already too short on a planet billions of years old. Mankind himself is hundreds of thousands of years old not four thousand as define in the bible.

The Pas Claudius Ideology. img_3440-4

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