An Appeal to The NW and SW.

I am from Bda but I am not an advocate for violence hence not supporting the struggle because I see no trend in this struggle that can benefit the people. I don’t see how the struggle is serving the needs of the mankind nor the people of the NW or SW.

It is high time we stop fighting, disarm and look for leaders not leadership. When we do that, we will see better opportunities. Violence in the name of justice is not a virtue. We MUST acknowledge that the struggle lacks wisdom and a human ideology.

We have invested millions and resources in this struggle but nothing beneficiary to any ordinary person except the leadership.

Leaders who fight for their people will never destroy their people in the name of building tomorrow. I know many will disagree but ask the very people funding the war to fund for projects that will benefit us. Only then will you understand bad leadership. If Amba was out to serve mankind, I will be a full supporter but see with your own eyes the devastating impact of bad leadership. They are not out to serve the interest of anyone but themselves. How can people serve your best interest without seeking to know your personal problems? After failures upon failures, they are turning to preach federalism. I can only seat back and relax watching all of this play out.

If any of you have what it takes to address a nation and play politics, join my advice to ambazonia in 2016. Form a political party based on what you want. You don’t pickup arms and let arms decide what is right. No body had a monopoly of arms. Federalism or what do ever is a political whitewash an elephant of no direction.

The resources could be better spend delivering on what will benefit the community today laying the foundation for the special status to manifest and triple the out put of the region.

If this money could be used to offer opportunities for our brightest children, offer scholarships, build technical education centres, build affordable modern hospitals, fish out and sponsor raw talent then we are talking. We finance projects that will benefit the zone. These are projects that define independence that benefit the people not what we are fighting for at the moment.

I am proud to be from Bamenda but will not support what I know will not serve the people.

I am Bda and I support wisdom and Ideology that can advance mankind marking the difference between leaders and leadership. img_0458

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