English Culture or Anglo Saxon culture. What is it?

I strongly believe at times we are confusing a confused situation linking the colonial barbaric era of the U.K. treatment of Africans as inferior people to exploit them and what is Anglo Saxon culture that does not exist except in historical archives. English culture is a jungle of mixed cultures but under the colonial era, we had four distinct cultures under the umbrella of England. Today, they still exist with cultural differences to English England who are themselves invaders of the land of the Brythonic Celts.

The U.K. was a trusteeship in Cameroon and not just the English

Anglo-Saxon, term used historically to describe any member of the Germanic peoples who, from the 5th century ce to the time of the Norman Conquest (1066), inhabited and ruled territories that are today part of England and Wales. Now I ask those crying Anglo nonsense what they are really seeking?

Learn to pronounce
“the population is largely anglophone”
an English-speaking person.

Now I ask all the people of the NW and SW if we speak pidgin or English? Now I ask who is not an anglophone in Cameroon.

This flag is proof Southern Cameroon was administered by the U.K. and not the English

We are confused with the barbaric treatment of blacks in the name of colonialism with reality. According to the Pas Claudius Chronicle, Under the English flag of the colonial era, we had 4 distinct group of pple( English, Scots, Irish and Welsh) whose lose culture are you calling English culture in Cameroon today? Today, education across these four groups of people share similarities and differences and although all four countries speak English, none claims to be anglophones but Welsh, Scottish, Irish and the English we know of better.

Einstein read history to understand facts. What you claim as English culture is embedded in the Germanic and French culture not excluding Dutch hence what do you mean by English system of education etc.is it a rules book only used in England and no where else? It is a standard law or a jungle of adapted dynamics rules borrowed from across Europe of which elements can be founds throughout Europe?

It is clear that when the people of the NW and SW use the word Anglo, they are drawing from the colonial period to refer to the part of Cameroon that was under the United Kingdom. Make no mistake all three countries of the UK apart of England have a story to tell far bigger than the your 3 lines and wider and rooted than your myths yet they respect their true identities despite all the odds and 100s of brutal wars against the English.

This raise a serious question of misrepresentation. Why only in the NW and SW is the word Anglo being used as an identity throughout Africa and right in the U.K. itself? This area was not even colonised by the U.K. but administered only. To that, we will all acknowledge that we have an identity crisis and a refusal to acknowledge facts against the status quote by some groups of people.

Only a Blackman can kill the knowledge of Africa and make Africans look inferior in a modern world. Cited in the Pas Claudius chronicles

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