Ambazonia education.

The essence of education is not to be able to spell your name but to be able to explain it meaning to an understandable level. Everything Amba has failed because we don’t even know the meaning of our names; SC, Anglophones etc. Today, Amba is out of context; taking pride in doing harm totally forgetting their core aim to deliver independence restoration. How do you expect justice to be delivered when you doing yourselves injustice? We are still excited of the pretext of war but I have experience war in Libya and the Middle East. We are still at the stage of chaos and crying genocide. What will you say if the real war of artillery and war machines hit our streets. It is best to avoid what you know little of than to advocate for what you understand less.

Cameroon is not at war but Amba is actively inviting the war but begging for help from who? Why are you fighting and crying?

We are a very dull and naive community but educated. For that reason,

The struggle is what it is. Bigotry, hatred, hypocrisy, propaganda etc summaries Amba failures. The solution to this crisis is unconditional love because the people who feel affected have a psychological far beyond their own ability to address to the extent of addressing any physical/practical problem affecting any body. It I am wrong, tell us how what Amba is doing will address any practical problem?

Ambazonia Must Go Begging Again For Sympathy. Blinds leading the blinds and deaf. Blinds playing the drums, blinds and deaf dancing. Both complaining of fatigue, both blaming each other and pointing fingers, both begging for sympathy. Who is forcing you? Ego over brains. That is the definition of dullness in educated people. This alone can explain why we have lots of unemployed PhD holders at home. We take pride in brainstorming text books to demonstrating a clear understanding of knowledge.

For four yrs you have spent billions arguing independence within yourselves on social media and entertaining the world. As your self induced confusion and frustration hit it peaks you turn on yourselves with arms fighting and crying genocide.

Amba will have to do it all over again. Amba begged trump for four yrs for nothing. Now you will start all over again begging Biden. Will we see another White House protests? Sentimental politics in a world of rational politics.

Is it not time we stand in unity for peace and spell it out to anyone inciting violence especially those abroad and commentators on social media to do themselves justice and return home to fight what they know best? We should stop fooling innocent youths into violence while hiding abroad. What have our innocent, ignorant parents on the ground done to merit this form of injustice enforced on them by their own children abroad? Don’t kill youths futures and aspirations in the name of freedom for they will one day turn on you in the name of true justice.
I am abroad and I can see the lies and hypocrisy you are believing in but worse of all, how will Amba independence address our problems that are entrenched within us? We have more problems within ourselves home and abroad than against the francophones and the government. Abroad, we are enemies but friends with francophones and they relate better than the so called Anglo nonsense. We are crying genocide today but don’t forget we sponsored the war through Gofund. We gave the youths the arms and we radicalised the youths to kill anyone who does not support the radical Amba ideology. Moderate people from the NW and SW are being killed today by the radicals while the military is killing the radicals. Who is not committing the act of genocide today? School children are paying the price but is education a crime?

Solution to the crisis;
We know your solution is independence but what is the problem and how does it affects you personally?
Unconditional love is the end result because Amba independence is no practical solution but a psychological solution to a psychological problem.

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