The False history of Ambazonia for knowledge seekers.

How can an educated man ask people if they are from Ambazonia as a question to gain admission into their groups? We must be idiots and very naive. Who among all of you can provide a universally accepted document to proof his citizenship of Ambazonia? When will an African demonstrate knowledge on the international stage? Bush fallers

Biafra, Catalonia etc are geographically and historically embedded. What is Ambazonia? Land of the psychological insane people?

Amba ideology is short sighted based on the text books drawn by the very people who don’t want you to know the truth because it will create the biggest hatred of colonial masters. They want to vindicate themselves in broad day light against their barbaric actions on us. The biggest lie in history. Who is the producer of knowledge among us? All your knowledge is based on European ideals meaning without the colonial masters you did not exist. Shameful

If we can not use evidence to proof them wrong and propagandist today, it means we can never be producers of ideas for the very colonial masters. Shame on us especially those who have gone as far as picking up arms against themselves in the name of restoration.

We have gone passed the age of I hear say, it was, the text book says to a new level for advance learner who stand to vindicate the colonial masters and their text books and those who have falsely mislead the mass to serve their greed just like the colonial master to an age of evidence based knowledge to label them as propagandist who have mislead us for decades. You have the chance to do yourself justice by seeking true knowledge through curiosity and archeology combine with evidence base dating back to the era before independence. Don’t be the one who expect knowledge but the one who seeks to challenge until proven wrong or right. I won’t say the British or the French were better but one thing I will remind all is this, they were very bad but the French ideals of assimilation meant they saw us as human tools compared to the English policy that saw us as tools only

Firstly, SCNC comes from NCNC ( National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroon 1923-44) By Azikiwe & Macauley. Note the names as this testify that Southern Cameroon was known by Nigerians as part of Cameroon under Nigeria.

There is no country in Africa with a colonial master that can’t point to an anti colonial rule movement and names of those who paid the price fighting colonial master with their blood. In Nigeria we hear of Herbert Macaulay, Azikiwe, Michael Imoudu et al with their Nigerian nationalism (1944)

In Cameroon, we know of the UPC (1947), the Cameroon Rally (RACAM ) etc with prominent names like, Ernest Quandie, Osende’ Afana, Felix Moumie. It should be noted that Reunification agenda was presented to the international press on 28 of Jan 1956 and one of the architects Rubén Nyobe was assassinated within 2yrs while Moumie was assassinated by French special forces in Geneva 4yrs later. The UPC is currently very active in the NW province of Cameroon.

Can Amba tell us how they fought and won independence? British Cameroonians were second class citizens to Biafrans.

The least heard of and spoken is the hidden truth about British Cameroon to those who want to glamour the British. Biafra during the Biafra war were noted to reject the British in favour of the French.

The worst of the British is that they did not see us as human but tools an objects serving them and their Biafrans children.

To those who claim to adore England and English, it must be said, the English were not in Cameroon but the UK and the U.K. Is not English.

The worst of the British against us is still to come and only the most knowledgeable know best. How many of those proud of their British heritage are aware that 2 provinces of British Cameroon were secretly handed to Nigeria and lost to history? That is to tell those who claim to know their history and proud of the British to think twice. Those who fought for liberation will tell you of hidden treacherous deal done by the British against us in favour of Nigeria. The norther province might have gone to Nigeria but always ask of 1 Land Rover and £100 offered for votes to join Nigeria.

Visit the ideology of P C to learn of the authentic facts and history.

Where was Ambazonia if you were a nation and who were your martyrs? If you were not cameroonians who were you?

That is what I have learned and evidence proof it authenticity what of you?

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