The Reason Ambazonia Marginalisation and Restoration Strategy for a Independence is Irreconcilable

If there is any utopian society or community not to talk of a nation, then Amba has a point against marginalisation. Marginalisation exist but who in this world is immune from it? How is it affecting you in person?

I will base this article on the UK an Amba model of idealism. London is the capital of England but but people who live in the suburbs feel marginalised by those in the suburban districts. Those in the Midlands of England (Manchester etc ) feel marginalised by London. Wales ( an anglophone country) the neighbouring country under the UK feels marginalised by England. The valleys of Wales feel marginalised by Cardiff the capital and the northern part of Wales feels marginalised by the southern part.

Throughout history women have been widely marginalised by different communities around the world. The trend is still fully visible today just like the able vs the disable, the mental sane vs the mentally insane.

In Cameroon just like any other African country, those without power feel marginalised by those in power. What people are failing to understand is that in Bda, settlers in Mankon do not feel equal to the true inhabitants of Mankon and this is seen all over Cameroon. In Yde many see it as a city failing to realise it is a community with original inhabitants who have their own unique identity and behave more or like the true inhabitants of Mankon. The difference is the leader of the nation happens to come from Yde hence with power comes the notion of superiority hence inferiority complex generates a more visible notion of marginalisation against settlers from different town.

Marginalisation of anglophones is just an exaggeration not just because anglophones with power behave more or less the same but because power rotates overtime. It should be noted that marginalisation exist between siblings of the same parents owing to limited resources. In Bda, the Mbororos are widely marginalised by the very people who are against marginalisation.

Hence I want to ask THE HOW people can use marginalisation as a model for seeking independence? The real question is simple, who is marginalising you and HOW? Should women widely acknowledged to be marginalised seek a nation of their own?

The second strategy; restoration of independence has been based on false assumption hence can never stand scrutiny when faced with authentic facts.

Basing your history on post colonial rule is an attempt to distort the truth. I have written widely on two state federalism and why it is not a good political concept in Cameroon. The rest is politics that is dynamic and has no weight in an independence seeking discuss.

Based on this short analysis, it shows why no nation see Amba as a fruitful agenda.

Marginalisation is a human psychological phenomenal concept that is difficult to measure and addressed to everyone’s satisfaction. It is as old as the human race and only moral not political justice can reduce it effect in any given society.

When Africans rush to their colonial masters to address their internal minor affairs, it means they have forgotten their colonial history and treatment alongside the slave trade and it impact on Africa today. They have forgotten the mystery of Libya in ruin today and Gaddafi, Sankara and his vision for his country, Lumumba and the Congo. What knowledge have we actually achieved post slavery and colonial rule?

How on earth can a post colonial well educated Cameroon go to England to seek knowledge on his true identity and history? That is to say the U.K. not English man who came to Cameroon in 1923 knows about your grand father born in the 1800s more than you his descendants still living on his grave.

How possible is that?

the PC ideology.

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