The Biafran & Ambazonia War to Freedom Chronicle

The Biafran & Ambazonia war to freedom chronicle.

The Biafran war of 1967-1970 gave an Africa lasting image to the west. The image of the suffering and dying child still being used today across western medias to portray human suffrage in Africa. Many might not be aware that this was a war of perceptions of marginalisation and oppression of Biafrans. North against the south.

This war came at a time when an entire village relied on one radio, no androids, no TVs, no newspaper purchase ability for the mass, one educated fellow per 1000 citizens whose highest level of education might have standard 7. If a village was really lucky they could proud themselves with 1 or 2 university graduates. This period marked the end of African dark ages of primitivism and the beginning of enlightenment after centuries of decline.

It was easy for the educated fellow who could read and write to fool the mass into believing their society was utopian against their oppressors the barbarians. According to historical sources there was marginalisation of people experience by Biafran but to claim Biafrans were angels is an understatement. Biafrans who ventured north experienced resentment just like any other citizen who travels from one pole to another.

What is interesting in the Biafran experience of marginalisation is the facts that just decades before, they were doing the same to Cameroonians under the British trusteeship and often treating them far worse. In short, Cameroonians were treated like slaves who should be working for the Biafran to serve their master the British. If and only if the Biafran remember that marginalisation was in their own blood, the war could have been averted. That chapter is long gone and today I can ask an honest question; what was the benefit of the war that gave an African image to the west? How many people benefited from it?

Fast forward to the Ambazonia marginalisation concept spoken in an Industrial Age of mass media, mass degree holders, androids, TVs etc. An age whereby knowledge is no longer a secret. From the colonial dark ages to the independence era of enlightenment to the modern age of civilised men, what has changed in our ability to master our own destiny?

If an educated society can pickup arms to fight what is embedded in us (marginalisation) it means since independence we have not master or culture our own knowledge but still reciting the colonial language we pretend to be against. It means, we have learned about the slave trade and colonial rule and it ramifications on us today but understand nothing.

Worse of all, every powerful leader in Africa who speaks the truth to his people or try to fix his country to benefit his people is ousted from power or disappears by night by the very west via another African. Yet educated people in the name of Ambazonia are in Europe begging the very west to come to their aid. I don’t think they have the knowledge to understand that the Biafran war lasted long because of western influence. How many westerners were killed? Who benefited, us or the very west?

One could excuse the Biafran because their war was fought in the dark ages, forgive wars fought in Arab nations because the majority are still to be able to read and write. What excuse can an Amba give?

To conclude, this behaviours simple mean, we can still be taken into slavery to work in plantation abroad or colonised to be servants of the west for the second time. I really believe by the end of the voluntary enslavement, your descendants will develop or rediscover the lost knowledge of an African and return to be true models of Africa who understands knowledge.

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