The Chronicle of the fall of the Ambazonia Movement.

Ambazonia is an ambition driven by people’s individual experience within the country. Ambazonia lacked judgement, reason and character from the beginning. We must acknowledge one key missing element of knowledge, wisdom from the wise who possess the ability to reason far beyond our era.

The force of Amba forgot that the old order of the world is long gone and in the modern world, great things are no longer attend through physicality but reason, reflection and character of the benevolent society. The enemies against you are never the outsiders but within your walls and the notion of your problems rooted in the exterior world (LRP) are an illusion. selfish ambitions and attitude, people with greed and criminality, power mongers, cash cows with luxury intended etc are all within you to content with.
If there is a genuine problem affecting someone called an anglophone, that problem is an anglophone.

The foundation of Ambazonia were driven by necessity and instinct but not reason to the extent that orators became leaders with no virtues, character or reason to address itself leading to mob rule. This has given grounds to a belief that personal gain can be attended by crushing the presumed enemy.

where those with reason become insignificant those driven by necessity and or instinct take control under the command of those driven by individual experiences.

Only few people among Amba supporters are driven today by experience and the great mentors of success with reason are totally off the realm.

The stage has been set for stupid people, illiterates, bandits etc to excel overshadowing any potential to achieve anything substantial to benefit the mass by those with reason.

what is left? I leave that for readers to decide.

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