If the word ANGLOPHONE did not exist, it would have been created in Cameroon

BY being ashamed of your identity, you have tried to create yourself an illusive identity to align with Englishness. Is a great idea but there is only one flaws detailed in your birth certificate. English is the language of the English people from England. Great Britain did control part of Cameroon not England. History must be rewritten. Great Britain through her policy did not recognise you but the French policy did.

There is only one document in life that tell each and every person their true identity. if birth certificates did not exist ambazonia would have crafted one with a place of birth anglophone.

If there was a country known as southern Cameroon, we would still see old passports made in anglophone in southern Cameroon lingering around

If there was a people known and recognised as anglophones, you would see people whose place of birth on their birth certificates is anglophone.

If there was anyone who thinks he or she is amba from ambazonia, you won’t see any bush faller with any passport clearly written Cameroon as nationality at birth 3yrs post amba independence.

If any country has ever recognised the existence of SC or Ambazonia or West Cameroon. there will be a token of economic trade mark showing your country head of state in your pocket.

if you can’t fine anyone whose place of birth is anglophone and country of birth Southern Cameroon or ambazonia, then you are all deluded.

If some Cameroonians (Amba) could create that word, it will synonymous to their identity at birth.

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