The Gay/Lesbians right vs Organised crimes of passions (drug dealers, prostitution et) and legality over freedom and equal justice. Africa vs Europe

Gays, lesbians, prostitution, drugs etc have existed since the dawn of civilization but today some are free to exercise their passions whilst others are seen as criminals. Freedom and a free society over a libertarian pathway society. Are all Acts of passions not similar or the same! Respect of the human does not mean agreeing to our individual desires as a society.

My question is simple, without legality what is the difference between a gay and a drug dealer or a lesbian and a prostitute or pedophile or a drug dealer and bar owner who is selling alcohol or tobacco?

legalizing gays and lesbians over a drug dealer or legalizing sellers of alcohol and tobacco over drugs, is it fair? Freedom and equal justice for all. legal recognition has given some a voice over others but in my view, it is unfair treatment. Individual choices and passions should be seen and treated equally. Lesbians and Gays are using this legality to claim rights backed by research. All these research can apply to any passion. The biology of the mind changes as per our ability to control our passions or not. A man is a man and science has no solution to change a man to a woman. All cosmetics are man’s inventions with no biological change. Adapting a penis to a virgina has no weight to the biological self.

Firstlyy, which has the biggest detrimental effect on human beings as a species? To answer this question, it is best to ask ourselves how long can it take for a species to be extinct or how long can it take a minority population to become the dominant in the world? A good example; is the red squirrel in the UK and the brown. Wherever you are in the world, check the rate at which young children are picking up gay and lesbian identity compared to areas where it is not legalized? Check the rate of trans in the world of today? 200yrs is like a minute in the human calendar. What percentage of mankind will identify as gays/lesbians and trans in 500yrs?

Secondly science has proven a link between drugs and health cost just like alcohol and tobacco. From a narrow point of view, some will use legality to argue for or against but this acts of passions are all similar. A drug dealer selling his drugs is the same as bar owner selling his alcohol and tobacco. Both have no control over how the consumer decides to consume the product.

Thirdly, mankind is the one involved in these acts of passions and mankind who knows that none is conducive with nature sets the law. Why legalized some individual choices over all mankind choices of passion? To that, should the state use research, biology etc to promote a society or culture of gays and lesbian out boost whilst criminalizing other parts of the society for involvement in similar acts of passion?

Whatever biology or psychology one may/may not apply to lesbian or gay behaviors, it can equally apply to pedophiles, drug dealers, prostitute, organized grooming and sex gangs, drug dealers etc.

If we were to examine these actions of mankind morally and the consequences on mankind as a species, lesbians and gays should be the most detrimental to the human race yet it is legal why?

Some are linked to money laundering just like any legal act. Of what harm is prostitution to the human race compared to the other passions? Drugs kill so is tobacco/alcohol, gays and lesbian acts are linked to the spread of some illnesses just like prostitution. Pedophile acts hurt and destroy families just like heterosexual families whose innocent child has fallen into the gay and lesbian society.

We should respect the human being individuality but as a species our survival should be more important than our individual passions.

If those legalizing Lesbian and Gay acts in their societies are right in their pursue of legalization of gays and lesbians act in other societies, they should first give each and every human the equal rights to pursue their passions first.

Is the legalization of gays and lesbian acts, a political pathway to reducing the ever growing human population?

By P Cluadius The Great

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