Dialogue Table Set To Address the Anglophone crisis, HOW?

In simple wispering words, how will dialogue address the crisis? Many are simple fighting for a change but some are more ambitIous seeking independence. Whatsoever you may think, the simple question is; how will dialogue deliver just that?
For those fighting for independence, the odds are for you to demonstrate how dialogue will deliver when successive attempts at international level failed to gather any support? With no leverage, remember dialogue did not succeed in Syria and somany countries where there is a level of bargain leverage.

For those with aspirations hopping dialogue will bring peace, how? Who will set the agenda of the dialogue? Public Pessimism can be a more powerful tool than optimism in uncharted territory.
All in all, separatist have not failed at all. they have proven citizen resilience should never be taken for granted.
For those pursuing recognition through lobbying pressure abroad, I wonder if they understand that war recognition and support is always a trade offs. In the second world war, Nazi Germany was flexing her muscle with a display of technological super power status whereas Russia and the USA where fighting to gain a share of German technology. It did take both countries to space and world super power status.

In Libya, Gaddafi was a treat to western influence and grip on Africa along with oil. In Biafra, the trade off was oil for foreign support eta. In Ambazonia, what is your trade off? Do you have arts, scientist, colbot, eta to offer for support?
True peace can only come if you and me acknowledged violence in pursue of justice is not a virtue but reason, reflection and character. Positive change is a product of will and determination.

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