Addressing The English Cameroon Crisis (AMBAZONIA) The END of The CRISIS.

Violence in the name of justice is not a virtue.

If we have knowledge and reason more than our uneducated parents then we possess the knowledge to understand the past, misunderstandings, myths, propaganda, facts etc and bring this crisis to an end. We won’t even be here talking of solutions.

Only the truth can serve us true justice and that truth can only be acknowledged through visible facts, reflection and reason. Through their character, reason and morals, you should be able to identify through reflection those telling you the truth and attempting to serve you politically, morally etc and to the best of their ability against those whose personal interest is more important than the national interest.

We should also acknowledge that the truth of yesterday has little or no weight in addressing natural problems or personal misfortunes of today nor has it any effects on politics. Politics is about practicality and not always about the truth. Therefore, of what importance is the truth in addressing human problems of today or tomorrow? Secondly, we should acknowledge that no solution is standard or rigid nor will address all our problems of today or tomorrow. The past can only teach us how to address today but not tomorrow. We will propose solutions to this crisis in 3 stages (chapters)

Chapter 1.
Englishness, English culture, anglophone, English Cameroon etc. According to practical visible evidence, there is nothing as English Cameroon or English culture in us.

If the idea of English Cameroon stems from the colonial trusteeship, then that history must be amended because the English were not in Cameroon but Great Britain (English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish) whose common language was English. Get it right. If the usage of anglophone is in reference to the English in Cameroon, our history has misled us. Above all, GB did not actually settle in Cameroon nor it was their policy at the time to make us English. Their policy was solely on exploitation, and they were based in Nigeria were our parents went to learn English and return to teach us how to speak the language. This process is still the case today with the exception of taking from Nigeria but learning from those who studied the English and passing it on through formal education.

According to visible facts, a child born in England with no education will grow up to speak English so as a child born in Germany, Italy or Russia. Under this umbrella, a child born is any part of Italy that has a dialect, without education will speak Italian and his/her dialect. What does this teaches us? A child born in Yaoundé from an Ewondo tribe, without any formal education will grow up to speak French and Ewondo. If that child was born in Bamenda, they will grow up to speak pidgin and Ewondo. A child of parents from the NW born in Yaoundé will grow up to speak pidgin, French and some Ewondo. A child born in the NW without any formal education will grow up to speak pidgin and their dialect if born in town but only their dialect if born in a village. A child from Bali born in Mankon without any formal education might not speak their dialect but only pidgin. What does this tells us? There is nothing as English Cameroon. Any Cameroon can learn to speak English.

Everything about English and common law in the NW and SW are derived Nigeria were GB was based. The facts are clear, we were like a colony to Nigeria and treated as outcast. Look throughout the NW and SW, apart of German building that is our culture and heritage, there is no English architecture in the whole area. Of what importance are these facts to this crisis? It was the fuel that gave people an identity that never existed and does not exist and if we really want to address the problems and the crisis, we should start by rewriting the history textbooks to reflects the truth.

Chapter Two: POLITICS

The central argument today is federalism and those positions in power.

To begin with, I would like to ask readers if their real leader is their tribal chief or Yaounde? Your culture, your history, your heritage is embedded in your tribe and not in anglophone or english. Your parents are not Yaoundé nor Biya as such your personal misfortunes and mistakes are more to do with you and your parents. Hence, your perception that your tribal chief should not go to Yaounde or be part of the greater politics of the nation is a delusion. The argument should be focused on how we want our tribal leaders to be part of that greater politics and still uphold their traditional duties and functions in accordance with our individual customs. That relationship between you tribe and Yde cancels the of another federation. Cameroon is a natural federation that we just need to understand and make necessary amendments.

Your tribal chief is not a moral leader as some may perceive but a political leader just like Yaoundé and has rights as a unique state under a bigger state govern by Yaounde the capital of Cameroon.

As people may/may not be fully aware, a greater part of the population of the NW and SW are fighting because they believe federation was robbed from the nation’s status that should have given them some political stands. Nobody is wrong and nobody is right but the truth can only be accessed through reason. Let us draw some inspiration from Nigeria whose birth foundation was federalism. Has federal stop Nigeria from having similar problems like Cameroon? Has federalism address unemployment rate in Nigeria? Has it stopped bribery and corruption? The simple answer is NO. Federalism has not stopped Nigeria from having similar problems like Cameroon hence Federalism has nothing to do with the problems facing us today. The same can be set of the USA being the richest, federalism has not made it a Utopian society nor has it made it an equal society nor has it created a better economy.

There is a far bigger question for those seeking one system over the other, for how long did Cameroon as a nation practiced federalism for any of us to draw compelling evidence of it benefits over centralization? To that one can not claim one system is good or bad over the other. The problem is more to do with how any system is implemented per needs of the people and nothing else. To that, I wish to ask those seeking federalism, apart from extra bureaucracy to serve power mongers, who can justify the need of such a system and justify how it will benefit the ordinary man different to the facts that our problems are more to do to how the system is implemented per need of the people? What you are thinking today how f federalism, can someone come forward and spell out what is stopping you from exercising that right and how it won’t be the same problem under federalism?

With the issue of positions of power, we should not be fooled into believing in myths. Focusing on one side of the coin does not make us more knowledgeable than those on the other side if the coin. You can’t be fighting against democracy hence standing against democratic principles. You are right to stand against major positions in the nation under those who are not often from the NW and or SW but according to democracy and the counter argument, that is the best in the job according to them. Where are we having it wrong, the focus should not be but on who selected to the post but that persons’ ability to do the job effectively. Who are the major players under SDF? Who are the major players under the MRC? What you see in CPDM structure is what you see in the other parties. The structure of Ambazonia politics is the same yet you perceive one to be wrong. What is right then?

Chapter 3.

True evidence base solutions that can advance the nation. We leave those for the future. It is the idea that will bring this crisis to an end. Administrative problems, structural problems, educational problems, social and moral across all communities and sectors. The solution is in our hands and not foreign intervention

Pas Claudius D Great.

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