The Anglophone Crisis. Solution. CHAPTER 3. THE END OF WAR

What type of leader do you want to lead and drive our country forward? What type of government do you want? What type of system do you want? How will you change your character, morals and behavior just under such system, leader etc ? What is stopping you from doing just that now? Your answer is the problem you are facing and your perception is misguiding you. For years, Cameroon and Cameroonian have been living in imaginative circumstances and expectations. Zero creativity dwelling on historical past and using it to defend personal misfortunes. Example: it was federalism, what is the relevance of federalism to your personal life? will federalism provide alternative opportunities? How? what is stopping/preventing you from attending those alternatives now? Your answer should be our focus or centre of debate.

FEDERALISM! read the attachment. Truly the US knows us better. Has it change Bamoun mentality? who is their leader? what is federalism in practice?

If Cameroon is bad then the toxin is anglo and or Franco ideology in Africans who are not even recognised or known in neither France or England in any capacity. Are you visa free to France or England? Are you not treated in France and England equal to any black African migrants? In France you claim Franco but you must claim asylum to be given a piece of paper. In England you must claim asylum as gay or Amba this and that versés government lies. Shame on your ignorance. I am from Bamenda, proud Cameroonian. Knowing, accepting, respecting my identity makes me stand taller than all in front of the white people who think I am as naive and stupid as an anglophone or francophone any where in this world. When you go for a visa to travel. On the question of place of birth, write anglophone. Nationality. Anglophone or francophone. I am a proud African, proud of my history, my background etc.

The truth must be acknowledged. We must acknowledge that the infrastructure, economy and the politics of today is not up to date to support the needs of today but to say , that makes Cameroon a bad country is an exaggeration of reality.

If Cameroon is bad today, it was either good or better yesterday. During the years of yesterday you were farmers, small population, small educated bunch, small white collar jobs to sustain the small educated people. 10 thousand cfa could buy a house in london and wages were pennies. The world of today has exploded catching us all especially those whose duty is to serve us all as Cameroonians freezing our bodies in the dark ages. Those who insult Cameroon is because they have nothing good about themselves or can offer anything positive for Cameroon.
Here is our problem of today, we have walked into the new era with our bodies but not our brains. We have left our farms to the cities without preparing for city sustainability. We have left our farms without building machines to take over and create white collar jobs. We have decided to send all women to school and all our children with investing in that transition. That is our problem of today. It is not for someone called the government to drive this ideology quick but it is our duty to embrace it quickly. We don’t need someone from Europe to teach us how to manage our society but we must work with them for mankind’s good. Until we invest in this transition as a community no leader will look good enough to lead us because we are resisting what is needed and must be done.

Yes we have the right to complain but to use it as a ladder to lunch attacks on the country is what I will call bad habits and poor morals. Don’t blame your personal misfortunes solely on the state of the nation. When the country was good and the infrastructure up to date, what did you do for yourselves? If you did nothing, it means even if we bring London to Bamenda, it won’t change Bda to London but simply left to run it course back to Bamenda. London in reality is not immune from the problems affecting us in Bda. They have less unemployment but more mental health. They have what they deserve and we have what we deserve. They are better funded, made good use of their limited resources that is why they are where they are. Funding a chapter to come

If politics was about giving blind people sight, making insane people sane and replacing dullness with rational knowledge in citizens, the founders of politics would have stated by building schools or making it a lesson to teach people to understand politics just like history. Your tribes long (established) than Cameroon would have had such establishments. Politics is for the sane to be more wise and for the stupid to be more stupid. It is left for you to work your way around through reason. Politics is not moral nor should politics be confused with moral books or God but it is for the people in the political field to seek God or be moral according to their societal understanding of morality. Politics is not about christianity or Islam but about the good of the community. Politics should not be about pleasing you or me nor any community, but it about getting the good part of all of us to flourish. If political was about moral books then there is a case for sharia law , a case for what is going on in the in the NW and SW because all are well documented in moral books.

No leader hate his country even those histories portrayed as bad people, go behind the curtains and see what they wanted for their respective countries. Don’t be fooled by morals written in moral books. See the world today, look at Nazi Germany. Don’t think we are more knowledgeable than leaders of the past because only if we look at them and reflect on their course can we make today better.

That is to tell you, politics will always be politics never changing but it for you, your community to change morally, character and get people with good morals, character etc to lead you. The essence of politics is not to offer free food to you, make your life easy not give you plenty of money. That will never quench mankind’s taste for more freedom and liberties. Politics is about providing a good platform for the society to grow and flourish in accordance with their needs of the day. Not tomorrow because tomorrow’s needs may differ to today’s needs but if we have it right, their foundation is there for tomorrow’s growth and sustainability.

You can fight to divide the country, tear it apart and turn your villages to nations, it won’t address A of mankind’s problems. Before countries, your villages existed yet did not achieve what you think division will achieve hence that concept is an illusion. More to that, what do you think you can deliver under division that can’t be delver.

Some claim our problems are rooted in the French colonial rule. I agree to disagree. Yes France has done this to us, what have we done to what France has left behind? Nothing good for ourselves. I will not blame exploiters when we are unable to help ourselves with the little left. We should first show our potential to exploit the little to our best before complaining. Secondly, Cameroonians just like Africans use this excuses to hide their own failures. The exploiters are serving their interest hence we have to serve our national interest to balance up.

Change, positive change does not come through division but unity, acceptance of diversity, acknowledgement of self and be proud of your background, change of character, reflection and communal centred approach that benefit the community. To that, I will conclude that, we need changes in the administrative structure to reflect the modern age and all other changes necessary but without our general change of hearts, character, morals etc. No change will deliver the positive change needed. Outdated brains need to retire, those self centred brains need to go, we need new institutions, modern infrastructure etc A good example will be the Bda road. Some will be in the rush to get the Bda , Baffoussam route tard. If the work is done today in the current atmosphere, the old road built in the era of 10 cars on the road will resurface in an era of 10×100 cars. In my opinion, we should reflect take our time and plant the infrastructure that holds the modern age dual (carriageway). The same goes to all our institutions and infrastructure. Our cities need a fully functional transport system to sustain the population growth. Our rail network is outdated and our flagship Cameroon Airlines need to resurface etc . Our current education system does not reflect us nor the needs

of our society. We need an overhaul of the education system to make necessary amendments. We need to make necessary amendments in the economic sector to boost entrepreneurship. This will in turn boost employment. We need a generation of creativity to help push us upward while focusing on our own agriculture to be able to sustain our population without the need for external help in the next 50yrs.

Hence you are the real change needed not the politics not France, not just leadership.

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