The Separatist Movement (Amba) Agenda Solution.

I believe each and everyone understands the practical meaning of a problem. We should not confused between demands verses actual needs over wants.

Independence is the solution but what is the actual problem and how will you ensure no other community will experience the same problem tomorrow? If that happens tomorrow, will you grant their independence in the same way you are demanding yours? Above all, where, how and when did you gather independence consensus across the diverse tribes and villages?

If you can not demonstrate how the presumed problem is affecting you directly and or indirectly, how you have been marginalised over all the various different ethic groups, communities, and tribes etc there is a problem and the mass has been misguided.

This does not mean a community does not deserve certain services at certain stages of development. These does not mean that you individually have no negative experiences etc. The key issue is how can you demonstrate that your experience is unique and how will the implementation of the demands influence the population positively without causing another problem?

We have heard you are fighting for freedom, you are right but freedom to do what and who is stopping you from exercising that right and how now? How will you exercise this right just under another flagship Amba?

what is actually going on?. Remember the flagship of the Amba recruitment movement since 2016.(we are not Cameroonian). If we blame GB for this mess, who should GB blame for their own mess? We created this mess through propaganda and lies. Yes GB looked after our resources (trusteeship) after the German’s defeat, Yes we had a plebiscite, yes we now all agree there was no third option of independence meaning we are Cameroonians. Did amba not tell us we had independence? Did amba not tell us we were and we are not Cameroonians? What was the big recruiting slogan throughout 2016-18?( IT IS OUR DUTY TO RESTORE OUR INDEPENDENCE). Today, the true history has changed to, our fight stated just after the plebiscite. Did anyone force us to accept a plebiscite? what was marginalisation all about? What is true today and what is the truth? The truth is a constant but from this observation, our truth is dynamic why? Remember, we have a history, cultures, civilisations, languages, heritage that predate GB hence why are we focusing just on Englishness? We want to be recognised under the English flag by forced? Are we English? Our real problem is ignorance and that ignorance has created the mess. The truth is, GB’s policy in Africa in the colonial days did not recognised you hence will never recognise you. That is the truth.

Finally, we have traveled across the entire NW and SW community, listen to the people and understand their problems and I can tell you, their problems à similar to those of people as far as the north and in some issues even better. Infrastructure network is an issue seen across Africa as far as South America, Asia etc. How will Amba address this issue differently to the current status or the emerging status?

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