The Truth The Only Way To End The Crisis In Cameroon.

People picked up arms because they were told that the truth was hidden by the government in her attempt to deliberately marginalised the people of the NW and SW province. Ignoring the politics, the slogan that got the mass mobilised between 2016-18 simple; According to the separatist aided by Wirba, southern Cameroon was a country that had independence hence people had the right to fight to restore their independence. marginalisation was the slogan and any politics that did not favour our wants was used as proof. One of the main politics use was the common law and the anglo Saxon culture.

Fast forward to 2021, after 5years of fighting to restore our independence, many now accept some key facts, we were all Kamerun under two different trusteeship. At the end there was a plebiscite and we voluntarily opted to remain as the new Cameroon but lost must of our land. That means there was no country as SC nor did we ever had independence. What is anglo Saxon culture and what is the relevance to our modern selves? Are we saying that prior to the trusteeship we were primitive people without a culture, heritage, languages, legal system etc. How was the lawyers demands of any importance to the ordinary man in Bda? What is the relevance of anglo Saxon culture to a Banso man? Of what importance is a purely English speaker or French speaker to someone who speaks only Lamso?

Today, the slogan is changing and the truth of today is, We have been fighting for our independence since 1962 after the plebiscite. In just 5yrs the truth why we are fighting/continue has changed so many times and each time followers acknowledge forgetting the version of yesterday. What is going on?

This is the main issue today, acknowledging this facts, what is the reason for fighting? Who misguided us? If we really want to fight for justice, who should we be targeting if not those who lied, misguided and brought misery on us? Worse of all, what was and who is the architect of all these propaganda and what was their mission? How was this going to benefit us or deliver the change the mass really wanted? These is why we need to dialogue. Today, we know the needs of the mass but without an inquiry into this deception, the mass will never fully settle for the real truth. I think we don’t need to fight anyone but fight our ignorance forcing those benefiting to come to the table.

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