We were Kamerun under Germany our colonial masters. We were Cameroon under GB and France under the trusteeship. We are Cameroon today. The two names Southern Cameroon or British Cameroon and French Cameroon were just names to identify the section under French or British administration just as the NW and SW. What mess did they create? The only mess was the plebiscite and Yola.

The UK to sort the mess! who will sort the UK’s own mess? Give history the respect she deserve and address current issues. Address your misfortunes and stop using history to justify your laziness habits and or using it to justify your bogus ambitions.

From historical sources and oral tradition, our identity did not change nor did the GB coming signal the birth of a new nation. Here is the crucial point, the plebiscite. Was there any need for a plebiscite? The honest answer is NO. That is the only problem created by GB. Why did they decide to conduct one on our behalf? Whatever that was done, it does not make you any different to whom you are today. It was not a coincidence that the Northern part voted to merge with Nigeria. Yola what happened to you? Can the UK answer?

The mess was created by us through propaganda and lies. The problem is power mongers among us and independence worshippers misleading the mass.

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