This may sound naive ignorant and sometimes stupid to believer of such notion but when examined in details this idea fails to stand.

Anyone who wants to argue that two Cameroons come together is very bias. Let us accept this idea first and examine the it deeply. You are indirectly saying that the trusteeship was the birth of a new nation. That means The French and the British separated two brothers building two different kingdoms and making them two different people. The existence of a northern part under Nigeria tells us that this is just propaganda.

If that was the case, there was no need for a plebiscite. Furthermore, If teaching people to speak another language changes their identity, then we are no longer English but pidgin. A anglophone is in reference to English speaking background. More to that before 1921, we were German and not Kamerun. Worse of all, the northern part of British Cameroon, are Nigérians not anglophones nor a different identity. Our brothers who were force to speak French still do not identify as French but Bassa, Ewondo, Beti etc

Only two different people can come together to form a Union like the northern part and Nigeria. The idea of two different people coming together can only apply to the northern part.

If I am wrong then let us reverse the equation. We are unique tribes with distinct cultures and history some dating back 500yrs plus. In the formation of Kamerun we came together to form a Union with German as the unifying language not an identity. That is the only Union that exist under Cameroon. Learning to speak German did not make us German. Until the British whose language was English Note this, and the French whose language was French took over our land not us (trusteeship) to look after. If we were not Germans under Germany but Kamerunians then our identity did not change under the British and the French. The illégal plébiscité stands to vindicate me and I am not afraid to tell the British this directly. What happened to Yola must be spoken of.

French is a language from France. English is a language if GB. Under these two languages we were still Cameroonians. Remember British Kamerun to British Cameroon. Northern and Southern British Cameroon were provinces just like the NW and SW today. Proof me wrong. Being autonomous does not make you a nation. Prior to independence and following conflicts between British southern Cameroon province and Enugu the heart of southern Nigeria’s British administration. We had the opportunity to form a body to represent us and serve our interest. (This will be further explained in the near future). But you can look into the nature of British governance in Nigeria to understand better. Nigeria was ruled as north and south. It did not make them two different people hence northern and southern British Cameroon were Cameroon. including Yola and the hidden state.
That body was the same body that was use to unite us back were we belong after almost 4 decades of British exploitation of our land and resources. That means that body brought back those right the British took by force back to Yde our capital at independence to serve us all.

When we talk of a Union, do you mean Union of languages or Union of people?

Finally, when you claim that there were two Cameroons, do you mean Yola and Northern Cameroon did not exist under British Cameroon? Or are you claiming Yola and Northern British Cameroon were not part of the original Kamerun?

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